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Vision CMT


CMT long-term vision is a company enduring, sustainable development, is a supplier of reliable service, operations management solutions for business IT platform, is responsible to the community, contributing building the country, each member grow their career, material wealth and spiritual.

Active opinion business: 
- For long-term, reliable point of CMT in business development, building relationships with stakeholders (employees, customers, community): sustainable, long-term reliability. 
- For customers: not just sales, but also make friends, become long-term partnership, cooperation and mutual development.

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For employees: Not only is the wage, but also where professional development, career development, the company is an important part of life.

For communities and society:

was not just charitable contributions, but also focus contributions, long-term support to the specific address and a positive factor in a number of topical issues of community and society (the Vietnamese priority first choice for Vietnamese goods, Culture urban transport, clean and green environment ...).

Competitive Strategy:

Appropriate solutions - excellent service each customer, each employee, each partner is unique, with its own characteristics, different and requires its own solution in accordance with that specific.

Attentive service: All present and attentive to the smallest detail, beyond expectations.




CMT's mission


Build a lasting company and sustainable development, with the best conditions for each member to maximize the development potential of their. Development and application consulting solutions advanced software to automate the manual work, boring tools provide support for creative work, smart.
and creating a happy life. Is a positive factor, making practical contributions to the community and society.

The core values:

- Attention
- Responsibilities
- Teams
- Renovation
- Reaching for excellence.

Intrinsic value:

- The work environment of openness, mutual respect.
- Always learning from colleagues and clients to progress.
- Commitment to the highest quality work.
- Building long term relationships with employees, customers and partners.

Value towards the customer:

- Confirm the brand is a provider of information technology services platform leading open source in Vietnam.
- Application of practical experience, deploying services quickly and conveniently, saving your time, costs to customers.
- Competitive price.
- Professional Support 24 / 7.
- The scope of services to be widespread in the country and abroad.



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A little about us

With the youthful dynamism, combined with long years of experience and constant innovation, solutions and products of JSC Investment and Technology Development CMT will be more favorable to constantly improvement, diversification of products, solutions and provide better service to customers

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