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On the market today there are many providers of software solutions and enterprise administration. Each supplier has to go, its own strategy to meet the needs of customers by understanding their needs there. Below will show some understanding of the CMT on the needs, wants of customers and how that needs ID, the customer wants it.

1. Meet the need to improve business development and expansion. 

Demand for corporate governance is changing over time. Maybe it's the higher demand management; need for change due to changes in production and business development and expansion of business requires profound changes in governance ... 
With these changes, developing and expanding the businesses will have to change the IT infrastructure, the management software. Changes are required to upgrade the switch to more advanced software. 
While software may change, but many businesses - customers want to continue to work with a partner, this partner has to understand the business, its work process, to understand each other in character, culture of working together. Also, find out, choose other partners often lead to cost money and time. 
Understand this desire of many businesses-customers, according to CMT time to develop different products suit different sizes of businesses. 
But customers also have their particular requirements of specific professional or management that a software package is available often does not meet. And special requirements can be re-characterized as critical, vital for the user, it is not for lack of sufficient information for processing operations on the machine, not enough information to up management reports. 
CMT to understand the needs, problems of clients and is ready to meet the editing software program according to specific needs. 
The editing is often required with regard to prices, distribution methods, pricing and sales promotions, inventory management and reporting requirements of the business administrator. 


2.Meet requirements to ensure software system always works smoothly. 

Today, computers, software is not only a support tool to do a better job, which became the foundation and infrastructure for many business activities in the company. When the computer or software problems, the job can be interrupted. Customers not being served. Not work with partners, suppliers. 
So, in addition to buying software, the initial guidance on the use of the enterprise also wishes to support timely and attentive to all activities is always smooth. The support is very diverse: support the problems arising in the process of using and handling the problems related to data due to viruses, hardware failure, advanced training to be effective exploitation of software better training for new staff recruitment ... 
And most important of which is timely support. Because if not, the job in time production can be interrupted.
Understand the importance of providing support to customers, CMT has organized and provides various support services to customers. Remote support via phone, via chat, via email, through forums, through remote access software ... And not only remote support, CMT also direct support in office based customer. In addition, CMT also made periodically to care for customers to understand more clearly understand the problems and needs of our customers. 
Also, do not just provide care and maintenance of software CMT, CMT also started implementing care and maintenance of computer systems, servers and networks for businesses. 
- Target "For long-term, reliable" on the basis of "appropriate solutions - excellent service" We understand that businesses need a long-term partner and reliable information system to accompany business during its development. 
We set out for his goal of becoming "For long-term, reliable" for customers. 
And we invest in developing different solutions suitable for each stage of development and expansion of customers, so customers do not have to change partners. 
We are ready to perform editing software programmed to match and meet the specific needs of customers. 
We always do its utmost to provide support service is attentive and timely manner to ensure that all the work, all business activities of customer-related software has always been smooth. 
You do not want to change providers every time you need more advanced solutions. 
You want to edit the vendor software to meet specific needs. 
You want to support timely and thoughtful during the process of using software. 
We understand and are willing to meet the legitimate desire of you.



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With the youthful dynamism, combined with long years of experience and constant innovation, solutions and products of JSC Investment and Technology Development CMT will be more favorable to constantly improvement, diversification of products, solutions and provide better service to customers

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