CMT applying the latest research knowledge in the field of search information to optimize your website. CMT's SEO services will ensure your website in the top 10 Google search results. With our SEO services, you can achieve maximum efficiency for its online marketing activities.

Benefits when you use our SEO services:
- Website optimized for search engines
- A high position in the top 10 keywords with mainstream
- Promote your brand to customers is very good money
- Optimization results are kept on top for a long time
- Help you achieve high efficiency in the array Marketing Online.

Optimize search engine
Top 10 keywords mainstream
Advertise to potential customers
Advertising, Online Marketing

- Currently in Vietnam there are many companies offering SEO services, but most are not interested in optimizing the structure and content of the site.
- According to the latest research about the SEO market in Vietnam, most of them only to edit the meta tags, title, keyword, Description of the site and then link to spam in the forums, blogs .... Our SEO services focused on optimizing the structure of the site.
- This will bring long-term effectiveness for the site even when termination of our SEO services. 
- Furthermore we will advise and guide customers to develop websites, to website development despite the expansion, but still not lose the optimum.

Currently, CMT offers SEO solutions that search advertising is usually the following:


I. Website Analysis Service :

Website structure, component source code of your website is really good? Seo CMT will provide you with detailed analysis with statistical figures is an objective.


II.Website Optimization Service ( SEO ) :

Based on the results of the analysis site we will optimize the structure and components of your website comply with the standards of google but win for webmasters. Besides technical factors, CMT will conduct Seo optimization of your content. Your site will fully meet the criteria for the friendly search engines (Search Engine).

2. Work contents: 
- Website optimized for search server (to meet the criteria of Google) (Search Engine Optimization)
- Create meta tags for Web-friendly servers search: Site title, site description, keywords for the website, ... 
- Analytical optimization of relevant keywords about products and services of the business to register in search engines. 
- Robots file created to guide the robot's search server
- Creating sitemap.xml: Sitemap is a file mark on duty site to the search system "opens" on each page. site can store the index of search engines, then, this information will be posted on the Google search results
- Registration sites in the search engine world
- Push a keyword and location rankings on the Google search servers
- Sign in alexa ranking, pushing the world rankings

3.Service costs:
- Package 1 costs once paid: $ 300 (for website keywords are not competitive on a location on Google)
- Package 2 Cost: After surveying our website and keywords on Google's current website, then give the customer the best price (for the sites have keywords have very different competitive Google fierce eg. areas: tourism, consulting, law, architecture, ...)

4. The cooperation agreement:
- After the customer agrees to use our service package, we will analyze specific solutions to suit each customer's website, the English course are required to have extra padding VD: Vietnam Paper
- Results: Website by you will be well known, increase visitors, increase rankings, website and the keyword will be displayed on the top Google
- Time contract work done on a 3-month, 100% payment upon the signing of the contract. 
-To do the job effectively you need to give us quick information regarding activities and services - your product, and desired range of customer requirements through using SEO services.
- You should arrange the charge of collaboration with our technicians to ensure the promotion work is quick and convenient.



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With the youthful dynamism, combined with long years of experience and constant innovation, solutions and products of JSC Investment and Technology Development CMT will be more favorable to constantly improvement, diversification of products, solutions and provide better service to customers

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