Electronic commerce in general but in particular website is actually a new business channel, efficient and very economical for the Company in Vietnam. Without the website, the business will miss many opportunities by potential clients on domestic and foreign markets.


The utility of the Web has given customers


Advertise unlimited
Savings and optimization
Overcoming competition
Ordering, online shopping
Here are the benefits that businesses will miss out when there is no investment or not for the design of their website


- "Missed opportunities: Market expansion and market access for a small cost."
Cause :
Without access to world markets. 
Difficult to access large markets with minimal cost.


- "Failure to Work: Improving the quality of customer service, provide information causes .."
Not providing full information to customers quickly and conveniently. 
No inquiries, customer requests quickly and efficiently. 
Fail to provide convenient service for customers choosing to shop. 
The above factors are especially important when the enterprise has customers in remote and in many local, national.


- "Missed opportunities: Missed opportunity: Marketing Globally - information quickly at low cost"
Limited geographic scope. 
Not convey much information, durations. 
Not easily monitor performance, recognition of customer interaction.


- "Missed opportunities: Reducing the costs"
Higher marketing costs than traditional media with Internet Marketing. 
Costs of printing and sending documents and communicate via phone, fax ... especially when the receiver remote (inter-provincial and international). 
Personnel costs, higher ground (for the case of supermarkets, showrooms ...).


- "Missed opportunities: Create" face "an impressive enterprise, modern and professional - to increase competitive advantage"
When competitors have a website that no business enterprise shall not maintain old customers and find new customers. 
Professionalism in the era of Globalization, Digital, Information and Knowledge Economy ... "A business without a website must have failed to keep up time, not professional" - that is what people think and believe.


- "Conclusion"
In an impressive website, with full professional features, information and facilities for visitors to help businesses: Create a good impression. 
Erase the gap between large and small enterprises, domestic and international. 
Is a useful tool for small businesses to compete on par with large enterprises.



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