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When customers do not have personnel in charge of the website or do not want to arrange their own personnel in charge that is sometimes not effective as desired, website administration services, care of the CMT Web site may be asked to solve this.

You just need to give the desired results achieved, all matters relating to the care of the website by personnel in charge of the CMT. Some webmasters practical business experience:

* Not enough information necessary to orient and update your website. 
* Too little time to search and editing news and articles for your website. 
* Feeling too complicated to use the editing tools on a system equipped website. 
* Feeling busy to check the spelling of each before putting information on website. 
* Feeling afraid to spend a significant cost to hire a staff to update their website. 
* The work's current site administrator unsatisfactory. 
* Being wonder if their website has broken links exist, does not lead viewers to the exact page you need to show them. 

We can help you?

* Update the latest information, most constant. 
* Translated, edited information - news website 
* Take a picture, image selection and handling of product images, news images 
* Updated images and text quality, fit and does not exist any technical errors. 
* Handling of audio, video 
Backup, backup data 
* Report results and analysis of traffic on the website every month 
* Contribute ideas and propose alternatives if there are problems with the site.



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With the youthful dynamism, combined with long years of experience and constant innovation, solutions and products of JSC Investment and Technology Development CMT will be more favorable to constantly improvement, diversification of products, solutions and provide better service to customers

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