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- Vtiger solution customer relationship management (CRM) open source for business, technology is built on LAMP / WAMP (Linux / Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Software can be installed on the network within the enterprise LAN or WAN network is similar to a website, customer relationship management (applicable to units distributed model, the model of the corporation). Vtiger is widely used around the world and a special interface fully support English.
Vtiger includes the tools to do the work in the stages of the sales process, is accompanied by other support tools như reports, statistics, inventory management, calendaring, data security ...

Some features of CRM - vtiger:

· Manage client list: VIP clients, Customers, potential Customers, new customers table ... 
· Management detailed customer information: company name, address, phone number ... 
· Management of all transactions: under contract, the customer, employee, by day ... 
· Managing appointments with clients: customer name, employee transactions, time and place of appointment, the cost ... 
· Up reports and charts on the client: trading status, Debts ... 
· Management of customer support services, assign tasks to each technician, ... 
Software customer relationship management software is not only the storage of customer information helps managers but am also general view of each customer through the reports, comparison charts. Also CRM is the strategy of each company to keep and create good relationships with new and old customers table ...


Mechanism of vtiger customer management:

Facilitate monitoring, gathering information related to each customer of each organization, combining them in the overall relations, product information and other Factors to create the customer through on each. Thereby, vtiger help managers create an appropriate list of Customers in each group required. The software will automatically update status information via e-mail to create a custom report in full. Moreover, based on the statistical data about customers table, will be helpful for managers in the process of strategic planning for better customer support. 

On the other hand, vtiger am also assist in the management of basic knowledge about the products, manage product information in a central location to find a better solution for the problems in the Shortest possible time, combine những terms with the problems and products, Providing free access to background knowledge only after verification, the terms of vtiger maintained based on the opinions and suggestions of our customers table.


Vtiger help marketing managers with extensive features:

With HTML created on the system, vtiger is a tool for marketing campaign management, while keeping the original orientation khỏi website, Including mail campaign offers, weight-management customers table hierarchical management of mailing lists based on existing data related to the priority order, the customer, and the connection monitor hiệu campaign based on customer data, are consistent with the extensive marketing strategy.

Vtiger Increased credibility for your organization? 

With a periodic function Reported inventories for Customers interested groups to Ensure your company ready to meet the needs of customers table at any time, even for unexpected orders. Vtiger inventory management by modern methods by the balance between order quantity and inventory. Best method of vtiger help managers streamlined purchasing process and after the sale.

Indeed, from the list of dealers / manufacturers / retailers, the best available in vtiger software, you can Easily keep track of outstanding orders from the ordered list makes it easy to create in order (buy and) then distributed to dealers / customers table via e -mail services available. When the application is approved, you can Easily create invoices tương ứng to a simple click. Then combine this bill with general ledger accounting for the stock to avoid confusion.

The process of handling customer information software vtiger?

Starting management Opportunities: Opportunities track all sales to each customer in the sales cycle, combined with customer Opportunities, relationships, Activities, and Other Factors to opportunity to verify. At the same time the total price, purchase orders and invoices from potential customers table in the ordinary Computational tools như Microsoft ® Excel ®, OpenOffice ®, and other tools to analyze and verify sales channels Quickly IMMEDIATELY if there are obstacles. Next is the customer management: keep track of all clients and related contacts, opportunities Events, Circumstances, and other details from the data warehouse from external sources has been thu được như ACT, GoldMine, and other Relevant sources. To concretize the intimate relationship between the client and other Factors related to them or another entity.

The total price, orders, and invoices for each customer, and track purchase history and analyze họ Opportunities for success and failure. Then create a full report on each customer upon request. Continued use of Computational tools như Microsoft ® Excel ®, OpenOffice ®, and other tools to analyze customer buying patterns and lập loyalty programs. Finally, attach documents in Khan's guests on the latter tương ứng to convenience. Finally, to manage the relationship needs more all related to e-mail client to vtiger CRM is Important for later convenience.Store all details of appointments and phone calls in an intuitive calendar with customers table. Track all contacts and related opportunities Events, Circumstances, activities from, and other details from the database and then create the hierarchy for contact within a company to be more cooperative in doing work with customers table.Manage the daily work of each person using vtiger for a reasonable sales process.

The difference compared to the vtiger management software customers table? 

Tend to khác significantly from vtiger Those of customer management software to cung perfect traditional sales cycle management by store management functions appropriate. Combination of product management, price, agent, the sale price, purchase orders, sales orders and invoices with other modules of CRM như leadership, contacts, customers table and Opportunities. Using vtiger you can Achieve continuous integration between the activities from before and after the sale in a simple application.

Vtiger help product managers in large process tổ Furniture?

Vtiger product will combine with other Factors to look more generally. Vtiger help you create a price list for each customer segment, attach documents detail as an appendix, the agreement Allows ... Upload images for easy product identification and product mix to the table price, gather information about products from the list of selected agents, classification of products by each request. Then give detail on calculation software như Microsoft ® Excel ®, OpenOffice ®, and other tools for Further analysis.

Using vtiger am also benefit other coal alone the customer management?

Pricing is one of the basic Factors quyết the success or failure of an overall marketing campaign. In fact, vtiger help keep track of outstanding value from the price list given help choosing Different prices for the models to suit each customer segment. To Perform the calculation and update subtotals, taxes, adjustments, and the total number of .... On the customer to make appropriate data available to potential customers table price list sent via e-mail services are available. Present price in relation to each customer under the Relevant list, based on có applications to Easily create and sell new bill applies to potential customers table.


CMT Solutions is a leading provider of solutions for CRM, HRM, ERP, Loyalty. Also a unit nhập solutions sales management, management of hotels and restaurants, Supermarkets and drugstores.

Is a unit with experience in Implementing CRM systems we are confident to bring the best service customers table:

- VtigerCRM consulting activities from. 
- Services deployed VtigerCRM 
- VtigerCRM services customized to fit specific needs of the business. 
With a staff of many years of operational experience in the field of management consulting and software development, customer relations, confidence Brings CMT solution to our customers table Assured performance and satisfied. Our special strength of VtigerCRM-best Customer Relationship Management Software online today.

Technical information 3.

VtigerCRM running on the web. Như Access through Web browsers IE, FireFox. Sugar CRM can be installed On Your local network (LAN), wide area (WAN) or the Internet.

• OS: Windows Server or Linux Server 
• Web server: IIS or Apache PHP support 
• Database: MySQL 5 
• Language: PHP 5/GD2

3.2 Client request

VtigerCRM does not require installing any additional software on client machines, in addition to regular pre-installed software includes: 
• OS: Any 
• Web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari latest updated version 
• Access to the server via a browser .

4. Cost and deployment time

4.1 COST 


Package price (Reference): 9,900,000 VND 
- Cost does not include other như Costs hardware, or server hosting. If customers table in the suburbs or the provinces, please add additional travel Expenses for staff

4.1.2 SOFTWARE SERVICES provided by service-oriented MODEL (AS A SOFTWARE SERVICES) Especially, Vietnam VtigerCRM am also gives your customers table are small and medium Enterprises form a service-oriented software. With this method, the only cost is the annual Furniture you spend usage fees. Also you do not have to waste an other Costs to get this software and put them into the company you use. Our current fee for the business support is 2,000,000 VND / one year / one company (maximum 5 users)


This is our strength, we are ready to assist and advise you on the development of features for VtigerCRM. Cost will depend on the requirements and level of customization. Time to Implement:

- For service development and training package: 04 Training sessions in person at our office for up to 05 users. For companies with larger-scale users, the 25% fee will be added. 
- For service-oriented software services: 
We will activate tài khoản của bạn login information and send as soon as you pay user charges. 
At the same time, we will send to you detailed instructions to use VtigerCRN


We guarantee the installation software for 18 months. 
Warranty includes: 
Re-editing program if it detects errors on the features provided. All errors will be corrected within 24 hours after Receiving Sufficient notice of the error. 
- Advice to use phone, email 
Warranty does not cover: 
1. Reinstall. Retraining. 
2. Additional features.


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- You wonder about the CRM business.


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