- Orange HRM is a human resource management solutions to leading suit small and medium enterprises (USA standard). 
- Characteristics of the Orange HRM is open source can help users self-programmed to suit the needs of the business use. 
- Orange HRM will help managers to answer all questions fully on the most human of enterprises.


General information about OrangeHRM 
- Smog in 2005.
- As in 2010, has over 6000 customers in 30 countries are using 
- There are over 600,000 users 
- There are over 175,000 community members 
- 200 partners in 5 continents

Typical of the partners OrangeHRM

ROSS – Canada ProcessMaker – USA

SCsoft LLP – Singapore Factor Humano - Costa Rica

K|P|K Ltd – Spain Komunitas OrangeHRM – Indonesia


The functional modules of OrangeHRM.

3.1 Distribution Management Systems ( Administration Module )

• Establish business information (general information, structure, departments, offices). 
• Set career information (job name, salary, rank ...). 
• Establishing information qualifications (graduation information, certificates ...). 
• Establish skills (soft skills, foreign language). 
• Set up user information. 
• Set up email information.

3.2 Management module of personal information ( Personal Information )

• Personal information (name, date of birth, home, permanent residence ...). 
• Image. 
• Contact information details. 
• Update job. 
• Update salaries, wages. 
• Information on work experience. 
• Info graduate degrees. 
• ….

3.3 Module staff ( Employee Self Service )

Module allows employees to log in with your account, showing the personal information, updated information.

3.4 Subsystem reports ( Reports Module )

Module allows customization, definition and generate reports.

3.5 Subsystem holidays ( Leave Module )

• The definition of public holidays, holiday style. 
• Statistics on all staff members leave. 
• ….

3.6 Modules on the track ( Time and Attendance Module )

• Define customer groups and projects. 
• Creates time tracking (timesheets).

3.7 Distribution management system benefits ( Benefit Module )

• Defined benefit policy. 
• Financial Planning forgot his. 
• General health policy. 
3.8 Recruitment module ( Recruitment Module )

• Listing deficit position (to recruit). 
• Add less, define salary. 
• More by managerial level. 
• Information management candidates. 
• …


CMT Solutions is a leading provider of solutions HRM, CRM, ERP, Loyalty. Also a unit provide solutions sales management, management of hotels and restaurants, supermarkets and drugstores.

Is a unit with experience in implementing HRM systems we are confident to bring customers the best service:

- OrangeHRM consultancy activities .
- OrangeHRM implementation services 
- OrangeHRM services customized to fit specific needs of the business. 
With a staff of many years of operational experience in the field of consulting and implementation of human resource management software, CMT solution brings confidence to our customers satisfied and assured performance.


OrangeHRM running on the web. Access through Web browsers such as IE, FireFox. OrangeHRM can install on your local network (LAN), wide area (WAN) or internet.


5.1 Requested server.

• OS: Windows Server or Linux Server 
• Web server: IIS or Apache PHP support 
• Database: MySQL 5 
• Language: PHP 5/GD2

5.2 lient request. 

OrangeHRM not require installing any additional software on client machines, in addition to regular pre-installed software includes: 
• OS: Any 
• Web browser: IE, Firefox or Safari latest version updated 
• Access to the server via a browser.

6. Cost and deployment time.

6.1 Implementation services and training packages.

Package price (Reference) : 9.900.000 VND 
- Cost does not include other costs such as hardware, hosting, or server. If customers in the suburbs or the provinces, please add additional travel expenses for staff

6.2 Development services features.

This is our strength, we are ready to assist and advise you on the development of features for OrangeHRM. Cost will depend on the requirements and level of customization.

6.3 Deployment time.

- For service development and training package: 
Training 04 sessions in person at our office for up to 05 users. For companies with larger-scale users, the fee will be added 25%. 
Simultaneously we will also send you detailed instructions using OrangeHRM.


We guarantee the installation software for 12 months. 
Warranty includes: 
-Re-editing program if it detects errors on the features provided. All errors will be corrected within 24 hours after receiving sufficient notice of the error. 
- Advice to use phone, email 
Warranty does not cover: 
1. Reinstall. Retraining. 
2. Additional features. 

- You wonder about personnel management system. 
- You wonder about the system software. 
- You wonder about the estimates, investment, implementing HRM. 
- You wonder about the HRM profession.

Do not hesitate to contact us:

CMT solution indetech., JSC
Tel: 04 6687 1625 – Mobile:…………………………Mr/Mss………………..
Website: www.cmtsolution.com.vn

Sincere thanks!





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