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You are tired with the store manager to manually record books with her husband, old hands, your customers frequently complain about the sales staff to work late, ... And then you think about "computerize" for your store but still wondering about how the deployment, the initial investment and costs during operation is minimal.

"You are looking for a solution for managing your business? "

- You want IT applications to manage your business conveniently and efficiently? 
- You want to sum up and report business results more clearly Warehouse Management Science Manage income and expenditure in your store from which you clearly have more time for business expansion, limited resources and increasing loss of sales outlets.

Software solution sales CMTRetailer built to meet these goals. With criteria of software easy to use, friendly, and effective management. CMTRetailer software will contribute to the success of your store.

Retailer CMT model is consistent with the store, shop, supermarket ... "

- Retail stores, supermarkets and consumer goods
- Store cosmetics, stationery, books, souvenirs
- Electrical outlets, lamp decoration
- Clothing stores, footwear, sports equipment
- Store construction materials, steel shape
- Stores selling auto parts, motorcycle, automobile interior
- Pharmacies
- Shop kids
- Stores selling household furniture
- And numerous other business areas

With the field of construction materials, fashion, electrical appliances, automobile parts, motorcycle ...: do not need a barcode scanner. Added software support quickly from the keyboard and quickly filtered from the list of goods is very convenient, large cost savings for customers using the software.


With the management of the store CMT_retailer completely comfortable with the calculation of operating profit, inventory of goods exported, the supplier's debt.

The solution is a breakthrough technology enables maximum saving time and costs in managing the store. 
CMT with your desire to widely used products in the future. 
With consulting and management solutions will be the person you trust your work with you to put on a better product in the future.


Business management: 
- Manage all production changes - import - goods remain at the unit. 
- Manage all production changes - import - goods remain at the unit. 
- To manage the revenues and expenditures and make reports cashbook. 
- Ability to print and read bar codes in many different standards in the world. 
- Managing business profit on each commercial product. 
- Public Debt Management details to each customer and supplier. 
- Manage from detailed reports to the overall sales revenue over time. 
- Vietnamese interface is easy to use and designed reports understandable and clear. 
- Especially with a lot of control over its subsidiaries without the direct presence. through a system of remote data transmission over the network

- Save up human labor power. 
- Create peace of mind to customers as payment method for our professionalism and absolute scientific accuracy. 
- To assist staff by serving more professional methods of scientific management 
- Minimize management time and absolute precision. 
- Report to quickly clear all the time. 
- Ability to expand easily. 
- Control the whole issue of export - import - goods exist. 
- The system is very flexible searching, such as number of invoices, vouchers, commodities, commodity groups, customers, suppliers …
- You can sell as bar codes or item codes or names. 
- Qui change unit: barrels, boxes, packs, ... 
- Integrated data at many different points of sale

- To be programmed on the J2SE technology, Mysql 



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A little about us

With the youthful dynamism, combined with long years of experience and constant innovation, solutions and products of JSC Investment and Technology Development CMT will be more favorable to constantly improvement, diversification of products, solutions and provide better service to customers

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