17 Cryptocurrency Plugins for WordPress

Cryptocurrencies have garnered much attention recently off of Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in value — currently around $ 15,000. The Chicago Board Options Exchange has even launched futures contracts on Bitcoin for investors to bet on the currency’s rise and fall. While Bitcoin’s volatility won’t necessarily attract users, cryptocurrencies offer low-cost peer-to-peer aspects that should be appealing to both merchants and consumers.

For WordPress merchants, there are plugins available to add cryptocurrency features to a site. Create a cryptocurrency calculator, add real-time rate charts, determine transaction totals, and more.

Cryptocurrency Plugins for WordPress

CryptoWoo. CryptoWoo is a digital currency payment plugin for WooCommerce. It enables WooCommerce merchants to easily accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, BlackCoin, and Dash. The CryptoWoo main plugin uses the free Block.io API and wallet service. Convert product prices and shopping carts to digital currency with real-time exchange rate feeds from multiple exchanges.



WP Bitcoin Wallet. This CaptchaCO.IN Bitcoin wallet is a secure cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to send and receive Bitcoins on your blog anytime and anywhere. Access your Bitcoin wallet at your dashboard to send and receive or just to view your Bitcoin balance.

All Currencies for WooCommerce. The plugin, which is multisite compatible, extends the WooCommerce plugin by adding cryptocurrencies and world currencies. Transact with 28 cryptocurrencies and over 100 languages.

Bitcoin Calculator. This plugin allows you to create your own Bitcoin calculator and ticker website supporting 32 currencies with the ability to easily change the default currency, website color scheme, and more.

Bitcoin Calculator

Bitcoin Calculator

Bitcoin Rates. This PHP script allows you to create your own Bitcoin ticker and calculator website with a backend API included, to build a mobile app. The script supports 163 currencies with the ability to change the default currency, website color scheme, and more.

Altcoin Prices. Altcoin Prices is a WordPress-based cryptocurrency list with U.S. dollar value, market cap, and volume information for over 1,000 Altcoins.

Digital Paybox. Digital Paybox is a plugin to distribute files after receiving payments. Customers can pay with Bitcoins via Bitpay, as well as with PayPal, Authorize.Net, Interkassa, EgoPay, Perfect Money, Stripe, and more. Set a minimum payment amount or even set a fixed amount for each file separately. Once payment is completed, the plugin automatically sends a temporarily encrypted download link to the payer’s email address.

Digital Paybox

Digital Paybox

WooCommerce VirtualCoin Services Gateway. This is a payment gateway for WooCommerce that uses VirtualCoin services to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and more supported cryptocurrencies and payment methods.

Bitcoin Faucet. Bitcoin Faucet rewards visitors with fractures of Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) for completing a task.

GoUrl Easy Digital Downloads. This is a cryptocurrency payment gateway for Easy Digital Downloads, a platform for selling digital products on WordPress. Accept payments from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Speedcoin, Reddcoin, PotCoin, Feathercoin, Vertcoin, Peercoin, and MonetaryUnit. Get live exchange rates, and have crypto payments sent straight to your digital wallet.

GoUrl Easy Digital Downloads

GoUrl Easy Digital Downloads

GoUrl Bitcoin PayPal Donations. This is a plugin for accepting donation payments on your WordPress site. Accept Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Speedcoin, Reddcoin, PotCoin, Feathercoin, Vertcoin, Peercoin, and MonetaryUnit donations.

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway. This plugin lets you accept Bitcoin payments directly on your website via the Stripe payment gateway. Also accept credit cards, Alipay, and Apple Pay.

Mollie Payments for WooCommerce. Quickly integrate all major payment methods in WooCommerce with this powerful plugin by Mollie. Accept 11 alternate payment methods, including Bitcoin.

Mollie Payments for WooCommerce

Mollie Payments for WooCommerce

Virtual Coin Widgets. Virtual Coin Widgets provides 10 widgets for your WordPress page, so you can share with your visitors market information for roughly 1,000 cryptocurrencies. Data is automatically updated every 10 minutes.

Bitcoin Tools Suite. Bitcoin Tools Suite includes 25 tool and 31 pricing tickers for conducting Bitcoin transactions. Get the estimated time until next block, the balance of an address, hash conversions, the total number of Bitcoins sent by an address, the total value of a transaction, and more.

Cryptocurrency All-in-One. This plugin provides multiple cryptocurrency features prices and exchange rates, cryptocurrency calculator, and a list of all cryptocurrencies, as well as instructions for accepting payments and donations.

CoinTable. CoinTable is a market page for real-time cryptocurrency information. Share exchange rates for approximately 1,000 cryptocurrencies. Prices can be displayed in more 156 government currencies. Data is automatically updated.



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