3 Ways to Apply Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

“See you in 10,000 miles!”

This is the friendly sendoff I receive from the workers at my car dealership each time I drive off the service lot. It’s a standard farewell that tells me, a proud modern marketer, that I’m in good company wanting to take every opportunity to offer consistently stellar customer experiences.

I’ve been loyal to this dealership for seven years. I leased my first vehicle from them when I got my first job out of college, and due to their amazing treatment of customers, and quality offerings, I’ve kept going back to lease and service my cars there.  

Each time I interact with the company, their commitment to optimized customer experience is apparent and palpable. From the timely reminders about my vehicle’s service needs, to the accommodating reception staff that ensures effective and quick turnaround time, there are several lessons for any modern marketer to learn in providing customer delight.

The following are three important ways this dealership is leveraging technology to create meaningful, personalized experiences that keep customers enthused and devoted.

1. Connect the dots of the customer experience journey

The customer experience is not linear. But that’s no excuse for presenting lackluster, untargeted offers. The dealership asks customers about their communication preferences upon opt-in. It’s been established that I prefer text message notifications, so the dealership sends me texts to notify me that my car is due for service, to confirm my appointment time, and to collect feedback about my experience.

2. Make it personal

The dealership’s customer communications offer consistent connection to a specific team member who can be an immediate source of insight and assistance depending on a customer’s need. For example, a text or email reminder to set up an appointment prompts the customer to call the service department directly. The manager of the dealership also texts customers after their service is completed, and offers his contact information if the customer would like to share any feedback. In addition to its centralized number that can field any request, the dealership offers the customer more simplified avenues to success.

3. Streamline feedback collection

While many brands encourage customers to share their constructive feedback, some do not take the action to share their thoughts because they lack the time, or perhaps do not see the individual value in doing so. After servicing a customer, the dealership reaches out to the customer individually via her preferred communication channel with a direct link and prompt to take 30 seconds to leave a review. By targeting a customer on her established method of communication, providing a direct link, and outlining the anticipated completion time, the dealership has taken every step possible to increase the propensity for collecting feedback, on the customer’s terms. This message comes from the number of the dealership manager, who can be called or texted directly for additional feedback or assistance.

As you consider ways to incorporate technology into your customer experience optimization, begin by thinking about how your customer base uses technology in their every day lives, and how it adds value to their research and application of your products and services. Use this insights as a launch pad for your strategy’s success.

For more tips to maximize your customer experiences, check out Customer Experience Simplified.

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