7 Biggest E-Commerce Trends in 2018

trends in 2018

Regardless of your projects concerning E-Commerce, you’re going to have to follow these trends this new year is bringing. Investors, managers handling multiple websites or future Internet entrepreneurs should be concerned by E-Commerce’s trends in 2018. They have to analyze and apply these new strategies to their own websites. Here are the 7 biggest trends in 2018 to follow.

1. New ways to analyze customer behavior

Trends in 2018 include micro moments which are used to analyze customer behavior. These are a lapse of time that appoint possible consumers’ little moments spent on their mobile (during a break, for example). This notion has been popularized by Google.

Thus, the advent of mobile commerce is changing digital consumers’ expectations regarding E-Commerce. There are 3 types of consumers : those who need to be reassured on their purchases by looking at products’ rates (70% of the consumers use their mobile to compare and look at products’ rates before the act of purchase), those who make their researches depending on their location, and people who favour same day shipping over waiting for their product.

Therefore, micro moments represent events leading people from these 3 types of consumers to engage in the act of purchase. To fulfill these particular demands, you have to analyze your website traffic and adapt your business model.

2. Consumers are developing higher expectations trends in 2018

A study showed that 6 out of 10 clients are attracted to the idea of customizable products. In such manner, this year’s tendency will be to allow the consumers to customize the act of purchase. This means that your website and yourself should be able to handle your clients’ expectations.

The spread of websites selling custom products shows that this trend is burgeoning. Allowing consumers to customize their products increases their loyalty. This method leads to a distinction of your company regarding your competition. It also allows you to acquire informations on your client base.

Finally, you need to make sure you can offer this to the customers. Indeed, you need to experimenting this way of doing by targeting a little segment of your client base. This method would allow you to get people’s favorite choices and analyze them. At last, it would permit you to be ready for the big launch of your brand new offer.

3. Virtual reality is making its way into our everyday lives

Recent studies showed that more than a third of digital consumers may be inclined to buy more if they had the ability to “test” products via virtual reality. This solution is relatively expensive. Nevertheless cheap solutions are practicable, like Google Cardboard, which can instantly transform your smartphone into VR goggles.

For example, Amazon is developing a new VR mirror allowing people to try clothes without undressing. These new methods are practicable for consumers and permits you to get a new client base and retain it.

It is also possible for you to include Facebook’s 360° videos to your website. This solution gives clients a better view of your products.
Even if consumers can not touch the product, these approaches are always appreciated. This should motivate you to include it on your website.

4. Big data now represents a big part of digital markets

This new method includes predictive analytics. As a manager/entrepreneur, you will have to make decisions depending on the predictive analytics’ results.

Today, computers are getting faster everyday to generate and process big data, thus web merchants’ analysis. The growth of computers’ capacities allows you to have an easy access to the data in your position and take advantage of it.

5. Chats’ and chatbots’ quality will determine the customer relationship quality

In 2017, 16 percent of the internet brands made a chatbot available for their clients. Use chatbots appropriately to deliver a fast and effective customer service. Some consumers don’t make the difference between a chatbot and a real person. These statements show that these virtual machines handling customer service pass the Turling test, showing the machine’s ability to emulate human semantic.

Thus, chatbots lead to a real time optimisation, an effective consumer service and enhance your corporate identity. Plus, chatbots are always available for your clients’ questions, which can be answered almost instantly in an effective way.

This method is so popular that by the end of the year, 80 percent of customer service on the internet should be handled by IA.

6. RankBrain makes the new rules of SEO

RankBrain is an IA that has been created and launched by Google. It learns by itself and analyses the web user’s intentions in a more effective way by organizing results differently. To do it, the AI takes user rating into account, favoring websites with positive feedback. This new algorithm allows websites who deliver a positive customer experience to be well referenced.

In addition, this setting is also supposed to ease people’s experience regarding vocal requests. In fact, it analyses the user’s sentence instead of focusing on keywords. The famous search engine stated that vocal searches will become a big part of 2018’s searches, thanks to the rise of virtual assistants.

7. Commerce is always mutating

Recent data allowed experts to ascertain that mobile consumers constituted half of the online consumers. This expertise shows that a large number of mobile consumers are gaining an important part of today’s commerce (25 percent of web entrepreneurs’ income to be precise). European mobile consumers were predicted to spend 641€ in 2017 on their smartphone.

Nowadays, people spend 85 percent of the day looking at smartphones, juggling with several apps. Don’t be surprised if big websites and markets are launching more and more apps. In 2016, 39 percent of commercial transactions in the world have been done by mobile.

Stay on the lookout of upcoming trends in 2018. By analyzing the online market and its phenomenons, you’ll be steps ahead of your competition. These phenomenons can concern tech progress or consumers’ behavior evolution.

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