95 Tools to Help You Be the Best Email Marketer on the Planet

Ultimately, email marketing has one purpose: to skyrocket your business growth.

And at AWeber, we believe that should be the case whether you’re an AWeber customer or simply a raving fan of our blog content.

That’s why we launched 95 new tools in 2017 to help you be a killer email marketing – like mind-blowing free courses, powerful new features and seamless app integrations.

These 95 tools will help you reach your business goals in 2018 and beyond.

In case you missed any of the awesomeness, we have all 95 of them in this post.

We hope you enjoy them.

Much love,

The AWeber Team ❤️

5 huge, new AWeber features   

The theme this year: powerful automation. Automation has a huge list of benefits, like saving time, connecting with subscribers at the right moment and sending more relevant content.

And that’s why we were laser focused on how we could make it easier for email marketers to reach their audiences with automation. Check out the new automation features we launched this year and more features to help you grow!

Segment your list with tags

You’ve always been able to segment in AWeber with custom fields and other data about your subscribers, like geographic location or subscribe date.

But now, you can create segments of subscribers with tags. You can append tags to subscribers on your sign up form, in automation series, while importing subscribers and much more.

Then, you can send one-time emails with exciting announcements or timely information to subscribers with a particular tag. It’s a fantastic way to increase open and click-through rates and boost engagement.

Learn more: Segment with Tags and Send Broadcast Newsletters to Tagged Segments


When your subscriber clicks on a call to action, it shows they’re interested in the content of the email.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could then automatically send them more content similar to that email? Since you already know they’re interested in it, you’re more likely to keep engaging them with similar content.

With Click Automations, you can do that. You can automatically add tags to your subscribers when they click on a link in an email and launch automation series or send one-time emails to them.

This means that you can send subscribers emails based off their actions. Which can lead to higher email engagement and more sales!

Learn more: Introducing Click Automations in Your AWeber Campaigns

Soon after we launched Click Automations, we released our second Automation – Open Automations.

With Open Automations, you can tag subscribers who open your messages in Campaigns. This opens up new opportunities to segment subscribers, trigger automated re-engagement emails and build the perfect marketing funnel – all based on what emails people open.

Learn more: Tag Subscribers Who Open Your Emails – New in Campaigns

Confirmed opt-in emails in your audience’s own language

Bonjour! Olá! Konnichiwa! We have customers across the world. And our customers have subscribers who speak and read many different languages.

Which is why we made sure our customers can connect with their audience in their native language by releasing localized confirmed opt-in emails.

A confirmed opt-in email (often called a COI email) is a message that subscribers receive after submitting their email address to confirm they definitely want to be added to your list. Using confirmed opt-in improves your deliverability and makes sure that someone’s email address is legitimate.

Now, you can select your language of choice (from 13 different options) when creating your COI email and deliver confirmed opt-in emails in your subscribers’ native language.

Here are the 13 languages you can choose from:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Malay
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Learn more: How do I select the language for my confirmation message?

Blog Broadcasts with your secure feed

Our Blog Broadcast feature was perfect for anyone with a non-secure feed, an RSS feed which begins with http. But now it’s great for people with secure feeds, an RSS feed that begins with https, as well!

When you publish a new blog post or video on your secure feed, you can use AWeber Blog Broadcasts to automatically deliver an email about it to your subscribers.

This feature is great for saving time and keeping your audience up-to-date on your latest content.

More hours to talk to AWeber Customer Solutions

With all these new awesome features, we know you’ll have some questions about the best way to implement them.

Our award-winning AWeber Customer Solutions team is here to help. In fact, as of 2017, they’re starting four hours EARLIER every single day! (They’re available 4 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET Monday to Friday and 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET Saturday to Sunday.)

Maybe that’s why our Customer Solutions team won two awards at the Stevie Awards — a.k.a. the Oscars of the customer service world — in 2017.

Contact them: Chat, call or email our Customer Solutions team

4 mobile app upgrades so you can market on the go

Here’s the latest and greatest updates to hit your favorite AWeber apps – Stats, Curate and Atom.

Push notifications

Keeping a close eye on your email list growth wherever you are can motivate you, let you know when your growth tactics are working and help you track your progress.

Now, with push notifications in the AWeber Stats app, you can set a notification to pop up on your phone when you get a new subscriber.

Learn more: Introducing Push Notifications – Know When Your List Grows

3 more awesome upgrades

We created AWeber’s suite of mobile apps (Curate, Atom and Stats) to give email marketers the power to grow their list, send emails and improve their strategy — no matter where they are.

This year, we made some pretty major updates to our Atom and Stats apps. Here’s what you can now do:

  • View unsubscribes by list and by broadcast in AWeber Stats
  • See more about your subscribers at a glance with a redesigned subscribers page in AWeber Stats
  • Automatically add tags to your subscribers from Atom app, which allows you to have an email sign up form on your phone or tablet.

Learn more: Release Notes: Bringing the Data with AWeber Stats 2.1 and Release Notes: Exciting Upgrades to Your Stats and Atom Apps

9 educational courses and freebies to help you master email marketing

As a part of our mission to make you the best email marketer on the planet, we created a ton of educational content this year. Get all of it today!

“What to Write in Your Emails”

When we launched “What to Write in Your Emails” in 2015, it quickly became our most popular course. Not only did the course include tips on writing great emails, it also came with 25 fill-in-the-blank email copy templates — just fill them in, copy and paste into an email template.

Ta-dah! A ready-to-go email!

So this year, we updated it — adding 26 more (for a total of 51!)  fill-in-the-blank copy templates and a shiny new email course to go along with it. The email courses covers new topics like boosting your open and click-through rates, when to send emails and much more!

Download it now for free: “What to Write in Your Emails”

“2017 Email Marketing Master Class”

In under 30 days, 8,000 people registered for our “2017 Email Marketing Master Class.” If you weren’t one of them, here are the great lessons you’re missing:

  • Growing your email list
  • Writing exceptional emails
  • Designing beautiful emails
  • Analyzing and optimizing your emails
  • Automating your email marketing
  • And making money with email marketing

Ninety five percent of course participants said they knew more about email marketing after completing the course and 96.2 percent said they liked the class content.

We sell the course for $ 145 on Udemy. But to celebrate 2017, you can get all six lessons (including videos, worksheets, homework and bonus resources) for just  $ 15. That’s 90 percent off! Just use the link below to claim the discount and make sure to create a free Udemy account first.

Buy it now: “2017 Email Marketing Master Class”

“Email List Growth Blueprint”

In 2017, many of you asked questions like:

“How can I grow my email list?”

“Do you have tips for building a sign up form?”

“How do I write a really compelling incentive?”

So we decided to create a video course to answer these questions.

“Email List Growth Blueprint” will show you how to start growing your email list with step-by-step instructions and give you the homework and worksheets to get it done.

Plus, it’s short! You can watch all the videos in under an hour. 😲

Download it now for free: “Email List Growth Blueprint”

“List Building Idea Generator”

If you already have a sign up form and incentive, you’re ready for more list-building techniques.

At a loss for ideas? Try “List Building Idea Generator!” With a few clicks, you can get traffic, content or conversion ideas that’ll help you grow your list like a pro. It’s like Wheel of Fortune for email marketers instead of grandmoms.

So click the button and spin the wheel to get list building ideas as often as your email lovin’ heart desires.

Use it now for free: “List Building Idea Generator”

“Win at Email Design”

Email design can be tricky, especially if you’re not a designer. And since it can heavily impact your email engagement, it’s important to get it right.

That’s why we started filming “Win at Email Design,” a video series which teaches non-designers how to build beautiful emails.

So far, we’ve created two awesome episodes – each under five minutes long. There’ll be more to come in 2018. But for now, learn how to design a beautiful welcome email and newsletter with these step-by-step videos:

Watch it now for free: How to Design an Awesome Welcome Email

Watch it now for free: Two Ways to Rock the Design of Your Email Newsletter

Email Image Duo-Toner

Hello, Duo-Toner! Thanks to our awesome design team, you can now turn any image into a two-toned image like the one above with our Duo-Toner tool. Just choose a color, drag in your image, download your finished product and drop it into an email.

BAM! Beautiful email.

Try it out now for free: Duo-Toner from AWeber

“Ask Me About Email Marketing” seasons 2 and 3

In the Ask Me About Email Marketing podcast, AWeber’s Product Marketing Manager Tom Tate and an expert guest answer the tough questions about email marketing.

This year, Tom produced two new seasons of the podcast. In season 2, he covered how to get started with email marketing with episodes about planning your email strategy, growing your email list and more. In season 3, he explained how to start podcasting.

You can listen to the episodes for free by downloading them on iTunes.

Download episodes now: Ask Me About Email Marketing podcast 

“Email Libs”

Not going to be the next Jane Austen or Stephen King? Then we have the tool for you. “Email Libs” is like Mad Libs for email! Simply choose an email copy template, fill in the blanks and poof! Your email copy is ready to go. Writing copy only needs to take a minute!

Use it now for free: “Email Libs”

“Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing”

Just getting started with email marketing?

The “Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing” walks you through all the basics in an easily digestible, written format. And bonus! Download the free toolkit to grab an email editorial calendar and analytics dashboard.

Read it now for free: “The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing”

Our 10 most popular blog posts

In 2017, we published more blog posts than we could count.

But 10 posts were wildly popular, racking up thousands of shares, comments and reads. Here they are. Feel free to share them with your own subscribers, via a curated email newsletter perhaps. 😉

  1. Email Marketing Best Practices in 2017
  2. The 8 Most Effective Words to Use in Your Next Email
  3. The Email Blast Is Dead: Here’s How You Should Really Connect with Your Audience
  4. Your Holiday GIF Guide: Festive GIFs to Spice Up Your Holiday Emails
  5. The 5 Most Common Subject Line Mistakes to Avoid
  6. 4 Email Newsletter Ideas for Bloggers
  7. Subject Line Formulas You Can Steal to Boost Your Open Rates
  8. One Ridiculously Simple Email That’ll Get More People to Click Your Content
  9. 7 Ways to Make Your Automated Emails Feel More Human
  10. [Quiz] What’s Your Email Writing Style?

(Never miss a single post in 2018! Subscribe to our free, weekly newsletter.)

66 new app integrations    

Maybe you fell in love with a sign up form platform, like ConvertFlow, or a landing page builder, like Landing Lion, or a online event platform, like WebinarNinja.

No matter which app you love, using it with AWeber should be seamless. That’s why we added 66 (That’s right – 66!) new applications to our Integrations Showcase. Check them out below in this alphabetized list:

Content management/monitoring

  • Konnecktive CRM
  • Podcast Websites

Customer relations

  • Capsule CRM
  • Chatmatic
  • Freshdesk
  • Repsly
  • Trainerize


  • 3dCart
  • DirectPay

Landing page builders

  • Landing Lion
  • Landing Page Cat
  • LandingCube
  • Landingi

Lead generation

  • Better Coupon Box
  • BookFunnel
  • Contest Domination
  • Convert Forms
  • ConvertFlow
  • Convertful
  • ConvertPlayer
  • Coupon Carrier
  • Demio
  • Eventable
  • Fomo
  • FormCraft
  • Google Forms
  • GrooveJar
  • Interact
  • Kajabi
  • Leadshield
  • Listery
  • MailOptin
  • Milotree
  • Optin Labs
  • Outgrow
  • Paperform
  • Picreel
  • Rainmaker
  • Rewards Fuel
  • Signupper
  • Votigo
  • weForms
  • Wheelio
  • WP Ninja Forms

Social media

  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms


  • SproutVideo
  • Vidvision


  • EasyWebinar
  • WebinarNinja


  • Automate.io
  • AWget
  • BriteVerify
  • Gmail
  • Google Contacts
  • Join by Text
  • MailSync
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Neatly.io
  • Omniconvert
  • Poptin
  • Retently
  • Reward Sciences
  • SendForensics
  • Sidekick
  • Smartsheet
  • Survey Anyplace

Here’s to 2018 🥂

In 2018, we’re committed to doing even more to help email marketers across the planet surpass their business goals with email marketing.

Be on the lookout for more new features, awesome content and powerful integrations. Plus, a heck of a lot more!

Not an AWeber customer yet? Want to join the squad? Try us out free for 30 days.

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