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Marketing Automation is the name given to software platforms designed for marketing departments and organizations to simplify processes by automating repetitive tasks. One of those tasks is the ability to identify a visitor on your site, capture their information, and develop an ongoing communication strategy with them… accomplished with little or no resources using automation.

According to the Aberdeen group, companies who deploy marketing automation systems:

  • Have a 107% better lead conversion rate.
  • Have 40% greater average deal size.
  • Have 20% higher team attainment of quota.
  • Gain 17% better forecast accuracy.

To date, marketing automation implementations were too cumbersome or too expensive for the average company to implement. This is changing. Act-On is a new breed of marketing automation software built to implement at the smallest, or even largest, companies. With pricing that is ~$500 per month (with no long-term contracts)… it’s also incredibly affordable to implement this comprehensive solution.

To be successful today, marketers need to re-orient their fundamental approach from simply generating volumes of leads to actively teaming with sales to drive revenue,” reports Raghu Raghavan, founder and CEO of Act-On. “Act-On’s combination of simplicity and power provides that missing link in the market between disparate point solutions such as email and web analytics platforms, and overly complex overhead bearing marketing automation platforms.

Act-On Software has a ton of rich options… all available from a single platform:

  • Email marketing with list management and drip marketing campaigns
  • Web forms and landing pages
  • Enterprise content syndication
  • Website visitor monitoring
  • Webinar and event management (through an integration with WebEx)
  • CRM Integration (with a seamless Salesforce integration)
  • Social media marketing and prospecting tools
  • Prospect profiling, segmentation, qualification, scoring and analytics

Act-On also provides you with a dedicated support manager at no extra cost! This is typically an upsell for other marketing automation vendors. Act-On’s tight integration with Webex, Jigsaw and Salesforce can provide your marketing efforts with a complete path – from prospect, to landing page, to demo, to nurturing, to lead generation, to close… without ever having to leave the software. That’s quite a robust system.

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