Amazing data and how we’re using it

Like many people living in the modern era, you’re probably someone who has become more than adept at using a mobile phone as part of your day-to-day life.

With it estimated there’ll be as many as 8.2 billion handsets roaming the Earth by the year 2018 – each churning out 2.7GBs of data on average every month – it’s little surprise an 81% rise in the amount of global media usage has also been foreshadowed.

Businesses have begun to use this continued mobile presence to their own ends, with social media campaigns now targeted at siphoning profits from this sort of marketing.

Currently there are a staggering 1.23 Billion users on Facebook – numbers which, while not identical, are slowly beginning to become the norm across a lot of social media platforms (such as Twitter and Instagram).

While 36% of people don’t trust banner ads on websites like this, as many as 70% do trust reviews left by consumers on the same platform.

In an age where 50% of transactions on Amazon are being completed via mobile and 90% of customers use their smart phones for shopping activities during at least one point along the journey, it’s little surprise companies are trying to corner this market.

If you’d like to learn more about the wonderful world of mobile consumerism, why not check out this amazing infographic?



Portrait of a mobile consumer

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