Apple adjusts Mac Pro pricing, but you still shouldn’t buy it

Apple has issued a meaculpa over the Mac Pro, telling a numberofpublications that it’s “sorry” there was a “pause in upgrades and updates” for the device — introduced in 2013 and stagnant ever since. The company says a new Mac Pro is coming, but in the meantime, it’s switched up pricing and components of existing models to give customers a slightly better deal.

The designs for the Pro are unchanged, but the new entry-level $ 2,999 model now comes with a six-core Xeon Processor (the old model had a four-core chip), dual Fire Pro D500 GPUs (instead of D300s) and 16GB of memory. The high-end $ 3,999 Mac Pro ups the processor to an eight-core model, and bumps up those D500 GPUs to D700s.

As far as upgrades go, this is minimal. All Apple has done is bump the old high-end models into lower price brackets, but at the end of the day, these are still three-year-old computers. Plus, it’s difficult to say who will be tempted to buy, especially with new models coming in 12 months’ time (says Mashable). But whatever happens next, it’s likely we’ve seen the end of the Mac Pro as shiny black waste bin. As Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing, told BuzzFeed: “We are completely rethinking the Mac Pro,”

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