BugHerd: Point, Click and Collaborate on the Web

BugHerd: Point, Click and Collaborate on the Web

Now you can – with BugHerd. BugHerd helps you capture feedback, resolve issues, and manage web projects effortlessly. BugHerd turns on-site annotations into powerful bug reports with all the data you need to fix any issue. Seeing is believing:


  • Direct link to issues – Save time by jumping directly to where an issue was reported.
  • File attachments – Upload additional files like specs, logs or mockups.
  • Full selector data – Full selector for reported issues, making troubleshooting painless.
  • Real time discussions – Communicate using a real-time comment feed.
  • Automatic screenshots – browser extensions automatically attach screenshots.
  • Inline tagging – to organize and group your feedback, issues and feature requests.
  • Browser and OS – documented when an issue was reported.
  • Screen size and Resolution – Resolve layout issues with window size and resolution.
  • Integrations with Github, Segment.io, JIRA, Basecamp and Campfire, Zendesk andRedmine

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