Can Halo Wars 2 work on Xbox and PC at the same time?

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With the release of Halo Wars in 2009, Ensemble Studios managed to do something few had done before: create a real-time strategy game that felt at home on a console. The genre, popularized by titles like StarCraft and Ensemble’s own Age of Empires, had long been a stalwart of the PC gaming space. The fast pace and constant micromanagement inherent to RTS games made them ideal for playing with a mouse and keyboard. Halo Wars, meanwhile, managed to largely replicate the core of an RTS game, while making it playable with a comparatively limited Xbox 360 controller.

Later this month we will see the release of Halo Wars 2, a game with even more hurdles to jump than its predecessor. For one, it’s being helmed by a new team — Ensemble was…

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