Cloud-based Service Application for an Oil Rig using intelligent RFID Technology


A cloud-based service application to monitor the entry and exit of the workers between a residential vessel and an Oil Rig, 24/7 using intelligent RFID technology


The Scenario

Our client has a robust Oil Rig situated in a remote location near Australia several kilometers into the sea. Every day, the workers there have to walk to the Oil Rig from a residential vessel through a gantry. The work schedule follows 8 types of breaks, which means the 400+ workers walk to and fro at least 16 times a day.


The Challenge

Since the employees work on an Oil Rig, their existing attendance system using biometrics failed to capture the fingerprints perfectly. Moreover, capturing the finger prints for every exit and entry consumed time, affecting the work hours. The data is then manually exported to the offsite for reviewing, which in turn delayed the daily reports on productivity to the management.

“RFID technology uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.”

The Solution

As a technology consultant, Pixel Studios suggested the RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology based readers connected to active RFID tags. Such embedded tags collect the data every time when the workers enter/exit. An RFID-based reader is placed at either end of the gantry to ascertain the exit or entry of the employee based on differential time reading. The employee need not worry to make his attendance and simply have to walk through the gantry. This RFID reader with a high data capturing capacity leaves no tag unrecognized as all of this happens in a fraction of a second.

The data is then pushed to the cloud and the client is allowed to access the same in the form of meaningful reports. This cloud-based solution helped the client to monitor and review from remote locations in real time.


The Results

The employees don’t have to take any efforts to record their attendance, resulting in increased productivity. The management is now in control of the attendance and has access to the real-time data about the productivity hours at their oil rigs.


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