Do we need a wearable voice recorder to take notes for us?

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The Senstone is described on its Kickstarter page as an “AI-powered pendant” that’s designed to capture voice and text notes. It isn’t a crazy idea to design a wearable voice recorder, which we’ve seen before, but the whole AI, life-changing pendant aspect takes the idea a bit far.

One of the first lines describing the wearable is: “We check smartphones 150 times a day, every day. But what if there was [a] plainly easier way to capture those precious words?” This marketing seems a bit off given that we aren’t checking our phones 150 times just to take notes, but sure, I imagine someone out there is maybe writing in their Moleskine at least 30 times a day and the Senstone would be a worthwhile replacement. That is, unless they’re…

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