Emaze website builder launches to give influencers a new home on the internet

So you’ve got Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and a blog. You’re producing relevant content for each channel. And you want people to see it all.

Maybe what you need is a website builder that pulls in all your social feeds.

Of course, many have attempted to provide an easy-to-use, customizable landing page that aggregates all your social feeds. About.me, Flavors.me, and countless more have come and, in some cases, gone over the years.

Today, Emaze — a startup in Tel Aviv who previously launched a presentation product to take on the likes of Prezi — has launched Emaze.me, a new tool that not only brings all your social properties together in one place but does so with some style. The difference with this offering and those that have preceded it? This isn’t just a landing page — this is an entire website, full of your content, with 3D effects and unique features, that can be created in minutes.

Designed with social influencers in mind Emaze.me provides an easy way to create a space on the web for that output, and curate the content to show off your best moments.

“Emaze’s differentiator is really the ease of use of our editor, where everything is editable,” David Edri, CEO at Emaze, told me. “We offer a lot more than ‘image for image, text for text’ services. Any user can create a professional website with all of their social media feeds integrated in less than 5 minutes.”

At the heart of the solution is an HTML5 editor that offers a broad range of site templates to choose from. Some are 2D, but many offer 3D features, as you can see by visiting a site that has been created to showcase my own social output. The editor will allow for the aggregation and embedding of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other social content, and followers can subscribe to RSS feeds to stay up-to-date on an influencer’s entire feed.

“Other than that we support all embeds, iframes, and all types of media to allow as much visual expression as possible to our users,” Edri said.

As with other aggregation sites, the website will update automatically as the creator posts new content on any of the social networks they choose to include.

Of course, the point of having a website is to not only showcase content but communicate and engage with those that visit. Emaze.me allows you to collect login info, send emails to followers, and send push notifications to smartphones.

“With so many social channels available, we’re offering a great solution to combine them all,” Edri said. “Instead of following a single user in multiple channels, now you can follow a single website that combines them all and can notify followers as soon as anything was updated from any channel.”

The tool is a natural progression from Emaze’s online presentation product, which has been used to create over 80 million slideshows. You can see how its heritage in producing eye-catching, dynamic content has been inherited by Emaze.me.

Interestingly, the website builder is free for all users who utilize the emaze.me/myname page convention. For those that want to strengthen their personal brand with a custom domain, those are available at $ 5 per month. If you already have your own domain name, can you point that at your emaze.me page and avoid paying that fee?

“Custom URLs have hard cost for hosting, but we’re looking into different ways to avoid charging users,” Edri said.

One of the strengths of About.me, before it changed tack and pivoted to a new business model, was the social aspect of the service, where users’ sites were available to browse via a directory. Will Emaze.me offer similar promotion and social features?

“On our Explore page we’ll promote the best-designed sites made by users, as well as the top viewed and top followed,” Edri said. “We’ll also have a featured section to promote paying users to get discovered by new users. We’ll promote talent along with paying users to keep the Explore section always interesting for users to keep coming back.”

Emaze.me is available from today.

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