eMetrics Summit Chicago

eMetrics Summit Chicago

When: to
Where: Hilton Chicago​​​, 720 South Michigan Avenue​, Chicago, IL 60605, US​​​​

The eMetrics Summit brings together marketing analytics practitioners, experts and visionaries to discuss capturing and applying insights from data. Take a deep dive into the latest strategy, tactics and tools necessary to achieve stronger, measurable results from your digital marketing campaigns.

As the leading conference covering the impact of data & technology on marketing,eMetrics Summit focuses on driving business results through data analysis and technology adoption.

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  • Keynotes – The most experienced, knowledgeable people in the world of online marketing reveal their wisdom and insight about leveraging data for competitive advantage – each one a can’t-miss presentation.
  • Cornerstones Track – Frameworks, strategies, blueprints, tricks and tips. Major brands and leading consultants impart their best advice for collecting, integrating, testing, correlating and making the most of online data.
  • Applied Science Track – From change management to data governance and from analytics maturity to advanced visualization, this cadre of authorities covers the management side of getting the biggest bang from big data.
  • Buzz Alliance – Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen – From the start in 2002, the eMetrics Summit has been the place to discuss and share our common problems. These are your people – they understand your situation. Share your problems with like-minded professionals is your path to answers, and a little empathy.
  • The One Weird Trick I Wish I’d Known Sooner – Time to pay it forward by sharing the best advice you’ve got. This isn’t just for laughs, the best tip wins cash. Your table will have 30 minutes to share tips and decide which one is the very best… and then it’s an open competition. The entire audience will choose which hint, tip, trick or recommendation deserves the eMetrics Summit Top Tip Award and a crisp, new $100 bill.
  • Speed Dating – It’s time to get serious about growing your network. You’ll have one minute to give your elevator pitch and one minute to get to know your neighbor. When the bell rings, it’s time to switch and meet the next one. The very best way to meet the most people in the least time to find those you want to connect with further. If you value your career, bring a stack of business cards and get ready to introduce yourself.
  • Analytics Challenge – Analytics skills are learned and then honed. You’ll have 30 minutes to work together to solve a series of puzzles. Prizes? Oh yes – it wouldn’t be a competition without them!
  • Networking is Job One – Breakfast, Lunch, Breaks and Receptions are your chance to grow your network. Do not hide in the corner or think your email is more important than meeting people!

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