Facebook Extends Auto-Captioning to Videos From Pages

Facebook introduced auto-captioning for video ads last February, and the social network quietly began extending the feature to videos from pages in October.

Josh Constine of TechCrunch shared the screenshots below, and Facebook confirmed to Constine that the feature’s rollout began to U.S. English pages in October.

FBPagesAutomaticVideoCaptioningAddCaptions FBPagesAutomaticVideoCaptioningGenerateCaptions FBPagesAutomaticVideoCaptioningReviewCaptions

According to Constine, the feature is powered by voice-recognition software, and page administrators with access to it will see a Generate button in the video editor or above the video, enabling them to add auto-captioning.

Page admins can then review, play back and edit the auto-generated captions prior to saving and posting their videos.

Facebook page admins: Do any of you have access to this feature? What are your thoughts so far?

Image on homepage courtesy of Shutterstock.


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