Facebook Uses Space Atop News Feed to Prompt Users to Discuss Events, Moments; Share Holiday Cards

Facebook is using the real estate atop its News Feed to encourage users to discuss events and moments, as well as to share holiday cards.

Chief marketing officer Gary Briggs introduced the new features in a Newsroom post Tuesday, calling the initiative a “marketing program” and adding that 18 custom-designed holiday cards are available for users to share. He wrote:

Messages from Facebook will appear at the top of News Feed about a specific event or moment. Our goal is to:

  • Give people ways to connect and share with friends during holidays and events.
  • Help people discover fun and interesting cultural moments.
  • Celebrate moments in history that continue to make the world more open and connected.

Here are some recent examples of moments that we’ve shared with people in the U.S.:

EventsMomentsAtopNewsFeedSupermoon EventsMomentsAtopNewsFeedThanksgiving

Starting today, people will see a message from Facebook in their News Feed wishing them Happy Holidays. People will be invited to share a holiday card with their friends on Facebook and choose from a set of 18 custom-designed cards.

FacebookHolidayCard from SocialTimes on Vimeo.

HolidayCardSelectACard HolidayCardBrowseCards HolidayCardSharedStory

We care about our community and want to make their experience more delightful with the launch of this program. We hope to give people new ways to connect and share and be informed about events and moments happening in the world around them.

Readers: What are your thoughts on these new features?


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