Facebook’s M now suggests when to make video calls or save content

Facebook’s intelligent assistant M has learned some new tricks, like how to suggest when to save videos shared on Facebook Messenger, when to celebrate a friend’s birthday, or when to make voice or video calls.

M makes suggestions by analyzing text used in conversation to recognize when you may want to do something like create a calendar event, hail an Uber ride, or make peer-to-peer payments. If someone asks “Where are you?” M detects the intent and suggests that you share your location. M suggestions first debuted in April.

New M features announced today will suggest videos, Facebook posts, and pages to save, or if it’s a friend’s birthday M may suggest you send them a sticker, card, or video.

Earlier this month, M learned how to speak Spanish for users in the United States and Mexico.

Facebook is also currently testing M suggestions with bots, beginning with Delivery.com.

The M personal assistant first debuted for a small batch of private testers in 2015 but reportedly had difficulty operating like other assistants. A report from The Information published in February found that 70 percent of M interactions still relied on help from humans.

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