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We used to maintain a list of the regional agencies around us that specialized in certain categories. Although the page ranked really well, we struggled with keeping it up to date as new agencies opened up and specialized in specific technologies or strategies. I honestly struggled with finding any good agency outside of word of mouth and Google searches… and even then, I didn’t have the time to read through their site to identify whether or not they could help us.

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On the Marketing Technology blog, our continued goal is to help you research, discover, and learn about implementing technology to help you with your marketing strategies. However, that often requires more than an article, infographic, white paper or even explainer video. We get asked a lot to refer a consultant or agency that can assist with the strategy or implementation.

When you see an opportunity like that, you know there’s a gap that someone is going to have to fill, so it may as well be us! We’ve launched get.Agency, a directory to find the agency that you’re looking for. Each agency gets its own page with details, images, and even a video if you’d like it.


Our goal is to get a comprehensive list of agencies where they can manage their own profile and you can easily connect and find them. The site has some great features – including social integration, click to call integration, and more. If you’re an agency, marketing consultant, or service department of a vendor – please sign up and add your listing. You can sign up for a free gold package at Get.Agency with the promotion code “GOLD” until the end of this month. That’s basically a free listing for your first year!

We’ve just launched the site and are working out some bugs – so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re running into problems. Just contact us through the site.

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