How Klickkonzept Used User Insights To Help Its Client Boost Revenue By 19.24%

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Klickkonzept is a Germany-based, online-marketing-performance agency. It excels in services like SEO, SEA, CRO, social media, and E-Mail Marketing. With the vision of building a 360-degree online marketing concept, it helps its clients in boosting their website KPIs. Klickkonzept firmly believes that all online marketing practices go hand in hand.

This case study is with reference to one of its eCommerce clients, point-rouge, which is an online retail store that sells perfumes, makeup, and other styling products for both women and men.


With AdWords and price comparison websites being the major traffic sources, point-rouge’s conversion rate was lower than expected. As the Klickkonzept team digged in deeper, it noticed:

revenue boost with user insights A high number of abandoned carts               revenue boost with user insights A high bounce rate on product pages

The data from Google Analytics also highlighted that visitors with a higher session duration tend to convert more.


Based on the observations and the current conversion rate, the Klickkonzept team was able to identify the following challenges they needed to address:

  • Not having a clear proposition on the website
  • Less understanding about website visitors
  • Giving more preference to assumption over data and missing out on CRO as a data-driven process

Earlier, point-rouge was not taking any measures, as it was not aware of these challenges.


The primary goal was set to build a comprehensive understanding of the website visitors, their on-site behaviour, and the pattern they follow to convert. It was necessary to identify the elements that were preventing the visitors from purchasing a product.

As point-rouge is an eCommerce store, Klickkonzept decided to focus mainly on improving user experience on pages with a high potential for conversion. These pages were the home page, product pages, and the checkout page.

In the end, the team wanted to leverage this information to improve point-rouge’s KPIs like bounce rate, session duration, and conversion rate.


Klickkonzept conducted a  “Usability-Testessen” (Testessen= Testdinner) test where they asked some bunch of people to purchase a product from point-rouge’s website and share inputs regarding their experience as a new visitor.

Besides, they ran an on-site survey targeting all the website visitors. This survey was conducted across all the website pages.






After consolidating all the responses, it was clear that point-rouge had low brand awareness. Visitors did not have sufficient information about point-rouge and its products. The proposition was not being clearly communicated. Though the following 3 USPs were mentioned at some places, these did not have the right positioning to engage the visitors.


After compiling all the observations from their research, Maurice and his team drilled down to the below hypothesis.

If we put the 3 most important USPs and highlight that visitors can avail free shipping after their second order, the conversion rate will increase by 10%.

Maurice Marquardt

To increase awareness and build trust toward the brand, it was necessary to have clear communication around point-rouge’s propositions. The team created this hypothesis on its VWO dashboard and based on the relevancy score, began the test. It was needed to prioritize hypotheses for testing.

Testrevenue boost with user insights

revenue boost with user insights

To find out the best position for the USPs, it tried a different variation with VWO as its CRO platform. The team decided to have this information in the Header bar to ensure that visitors get to access the relevant information faster. The test was run for 3 weeks for all desktop visitors.

Result & Learning

                                           revenue boost with user insights revenue boost with user insights

The variation performed better than the control across a majority of visitor types. As a result, it facilitated to increase the conversions rate for point-rouge by 7.12%, contributing towards the revenue boost by 19.24%. 

We were pretty lucky. Though, it was a low-hanging fruit, but we did a lot of research to achieve this. The Results speak for itself, and the technical development was pretty fast & easy to do with VWO. I even loved the possibility to write my own JavaScript code.

Maurice Marquardt

Klickkonzept believes that the variation won because visitors got all the relevant information they needed to make a purchase.

Listening to your customers is the key to stepping up your game in Conversion Optimization. Consider what your consumers are thinking and rely on data. With these 2 together, it’s pretty powerful and like Hulk, even those numbers turn green.

Maurice Marquardt


Are you currently using any website optimization tool? We’d love to know your experience with it and how successful your tests have been. Drop us an email at [email protected]

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