How Klickkonzept Used Visitor’s Insights To Help Its Client Boost Revenue By 19.24%

Klickkonzept is a Germany-based, online-marketing-performance agency that helps its clients in boosting their website KPIs. This case study is with reference to one of its eCommerce clients, point-rouge.

Klickkonzept made a couple of important observations per the data collected from Google Analytics and a usability test done by them. The data highlighted a high number of abandoned carts and a high bounce rate contributing to a low conversion rate.

All these observations helped Klickkonzept understand where the leakage was happening in point-rouge’s conversion funnel. It used these insights and observations to craft the absolute conversion rate optimization (CRO) approach and test it with the VWO conversion optimization platform.

Keeping a clear objective in mind and with the right CRO approach, Klickkonzept was able to get a 19.24% revenue hike and a 7.12% conversion boost for point-rouge.

                                           revenue boost with user insights revenue boost with user insights 

Listening to your customers is the key to stepping up your game in Conversion Optimization. Consider what your consumers are thinking and rely on data. With these 2 together, it’s pretty powerful and like Hulk, even those numbers turn green.

Maurice Marquardt

Download the complete case study to know how Klickkonzept made a revenue boost by leveraging visitor insights with the help of VWO.

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