How Retail Without Borders 2018 helps your e-commerce cross border

Retail Without Borders 2018

E-commerce transcends borders; and it is now easier than ever to reach online shoppers anywhere in the world! However, reaching new online shoppers is just the first step. To make your global ecommerce journey successful you need to enlist the right tools, resources and strategies to develop solid foundations in a new market, which will lead to repeat purchases and broad brand recognition. But before you achieve this, you need to work out which markets and ecommerce channels are right for you. Attending London based online marketplace conference,  Retail Without Borders 2018, is a great place to start.

Have you considered the marketing and logistics resources you need to set-up in a new country? Are you going to be using online marketplaces to support consumer penetration? Does your e-commerce website have the force to support such a change? And of course, is there even a market for your products in the country/ies you are looking at? These are only a few of the many questions you should be asking yourself when looking to expand successfully.

Retail Without Borders 2018

Retail Without Borders 2018 is Europe’s largest online marketplace conference and this year will introduce 18 global marketplace platforms to more than 500 retail delegates, actively looking to expand their global online footprint. If you are looking to accelerate your cross-border ecommerce capabilities, Retail Without Borders 2018 is the place to be. The conference will explore all aspects of selling globally via marketplace channels; with online marketplaces expected to account for 40% of all global transactions by 2020, they will be a crucial element of any successful ecommerce strategy.

Here are some of the topics that the event will discuss:

A local approach for a global customer

Adapting your strategies to the local customers is crucial when taking your e-commerce cross-border. You have to think about the culture, language and local customs you will be faced with. Having a simple understanding of them is often not enough – you need to position yourself within the shoes of your customers.

Let’s look at some examples. The colour white for most European and American people refers to cleanliness and marriage, in China, Korea and other Asian countries, this colour stands for death and mourning. You can see how using this colour for your branding could be problematic in different cultures. Do your research beforehand and speak with local people to make sure you understand their cultural and local habits.

Another striking example that will help you do your research before taking your ecommerce cross-border is of Nike. The company placed a drawing on the back of a Nike shoe design that very closely resembled the Arabic written word Allah. Allah is of course sacred in the Muslim culture and relating this to feet, that are seen as dirty, was a disaster. A Muslim distributor discovered this mistake, and Nike was forced to withdraw its collection worldwide. There a certain aspects you have to keep in mind when entering into the MENA e-commerce market.

These examples show you that you have to be careful when approaching a different culture. If you want to learn more about how to analyse local customer and strategies, secure your ticket to attend Retail Without Borders 2018 where local experts will discuss how to present your products to global consumers.

The rise of online marketplace for cross-border trade

Another topic that you can expect to be discussed at Retail Without Borders 2018 is rise of online marketplace and how they have changed consumer shopping behaviour. In certain countries, such as Indonesia, brick-and-mortar shops do not provide the range of products that local shoppers’ desire. So, online malls (or marketplaces) have filled the void of the physical stores. This has brought a lot of changes to the retail landscape. We are moving towards a new era, where in-store shopping will be an experience, and online shopping the norm.

What does this mean for your e-commerce business? Well, your customers can easily move towards shopping worldwide. Many online shoppers have already moved to international marketplaces to purchase the products that they want. If you want to stay competitive in the international e-commerce industry or if you are looking to target new countries, you should definitely consider recognised marketplaces.

Retail Without Borders 2018

Marketplaces to meet at Retail Without Borders 2018

Retail Without Borders brings together major marketplaces from all over the world to help you expand your international footprint.  Over 75% of delegates who attended the 2017 conference, were actively looking to expand internationally through online marketplaces and 100% found the topics useful. This event offers the ultimate opportunity for you to discuss with peers and to learn from ecommerce market leaders and experts.

Here is a preview of the marketplaces you can expect to meet during Retail Without Borders 2018:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Wish
  • Tophatter
  • Fnac
  • La Redoute
  • Myntra
  • ePrice
  • Jumia
  • Mumzworld
  • Fruugo
  • Rakuten

Don’t miss out on this event if you are looking to take your e-commerce cross-border. It is taking place on the 15th of March, in the heart of London at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre . Over 40 industry experts will share their insights on the changing e-commerce cross-border landscape with leading European brands and retailers.

Here are the main takeaways from the Retail Without Borders 2018 event:
  • Accelerate your online sales in the e-commerce cross border market
  • How to boost your brand awareness on an international scale
  • How to handle local customs and international shipping
  • How to overcome language barriers and adapt your marketing strategies to local customs

The topics will be presented in case studies, panel discussions, and fire chats. You will also have the opportunity to network in-between the planned sessions. You can now register for this event with a 50% discount when using our exclusive discount code: EcommNation50. Register for your pass here.

Want to discover what previous attendees have said about the event? Check it out here in the video with the highlights of the 2017 edition.

Discover the event!


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