How to Improve your Ranking in the Google Local Results ?

How to Improve your Ranking in the Google Local Results

At first, what are local results at all?

It is a kind of combination of organic results in one particular location (it may be a city, a region, or even a street too), grouped according to the particular keywords. There are three types of search engine results: local search, carousel (the black block with interesting places under the search bar), and maps.

How to Improve your Ranking in the Google Local Results 1

Map of the local search

According to the statistics, conversion of results is several times higher then it is of organic results. Considering this, not being in the local results is equal to business suicide, especially for small entrepreneurs.

In this article we will give you several tips on how to improve your local rating and how to attract more clients. Follow these small steps to develop your business and become well known in your city.

SEO Ranking factors in local results

First of all, to promote your website in the Google results you should create your company’s account on Google My Business. Information from this account is used for receiving necessary information about the company: contact details, specifics of your company, etc.

Remember that information on Google My Business, on your websites, and on all the resources on which your company is mentioned must be the same.

How to Improve your Ranking in the Google Local Results 2

Getting started in Google My Business

Main characteristics that promote high ranking in regional results are as following:

  • Correspondence to the indicated category on Google My Business

Correctness of all the filled data is a must and Google tracks it attentively. So, if you had set the category your company in reality has nothing to do with, then you can even go down on the results. Remember about it.

How to Improve your Ranking in the Google Local Results 3

Setting the category

  • Presence of your company actual address on your main page in the city, the request refers to on Google results

In the recent research Google has revealed the following data: more than 68% of people use the “Get Directions” button. So, if you want to drag all the nearby users – put your address where it is possible so that to make your company easier to find.

  • References from the relevant reputable resources and high-quality backlinks

Every search engine collects data about every company – this is how the rating works. One of the most important arguments for your better ranking in local results are references and backlinks. The amount of them raises the website’s credibility and shows that the company is quite well known to be mentioned. Still, artificial backlinks are not welcomed by Google and other SERPs, so be careful with it.

How to Improve your Ranking in the Google Local Results 4

Links on Nature. Though they lead to other pages on this journal, these links show the main principle

References make profits among simple users as well. Almost 90% of all the consumers believe reviews and mentions on the Internet, according to BrightLocal’s research. Take care about good representations on reputable resources and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other are powerful sources of clients capture) and you will achieve success. Besides, a good accounts on these social services will also play into your hands and will attract new customers.

How to Improve your Ranking in the Google Local Results 5

The results of the BrightLocal’s survey.

  • Presence of the information about the full name, address, and contact phone of your company

It is obvious that contact information is a must. Your company may look great, but what’s the use of it if clients cannot reach you? Sometimes users are satisfied with the services you offer, but they would like to clarify something. This is when the phone number comes in handy.

  • Your company location should be written in the Title as a keyword to be on top of local results

Don’t forget about Title and don’t underestimate its value. It is important both for users and for search engines. It gives your users information about where you are located just at the time they open your page and it gives search engines more keywords. It is important for your company by any measure.

How to Improve your Ranking in the Google Local Results 6

How to find jewelry in Los Angeles

SERM : Some tips for smartphones and local results on Google

These were general tips. Now we will go a bit deeper and touch upon one platform that is usually underestimated, but takes a heavy toll on conversion rate in the local scale – smartphones. Not paying attention to it will definitely deprive you of a large part of your potential clients. Let’s take a look on a number of tips that will help you to maximize your profits from smartphones.

  • Smartphones have the highest conversion rate

Nearly 50% of all your mobile visitors will attend you within a day in comparison with 34% of PC and tablet users. These numbers are provided by Google, so they are quite credible. Therefore you should consider how your company is represented in mobile space. Make sure your mobile version of the website and your mobile app have all the necessary information like address and contact phone. It is also a great thing if your company is integrated with Google Maps.

How to Improve your Ranking in the Google Local Results 7

The map on Adidas

  • Google optimization : Mobile searchers are more likely to buy your goods

Those, who use smartphones, are more tend to make a purchase as well. Google found that almost 67% of visitors searched right before entering the store and that 15% of mobile activity are connected with price or product comparison. Moreover, 18% of mobile searches locally then drove to a bargain in comparison with 7% of non-local search. This means that local search market consists of people that are already eager to buy. You can inspire them to spend money in your shop with the help of mobile coupons and special discounts.

How to Improve your Ranking in the Google Local Results 8

Comparison between Local and Non-local search

  • Almost half of the consumers use a website instead of a mobile app

Though your mobile app may be specially designed for delivering each and every function of your shop to your customer, not many of them actually download it. The above mentioned Google research shows that only 10% of all the customers use a mobile app, 40% use mobile maps, and 50% prefer the website. So, consider the state of your website mobile version, when you ask the question about how to increase conversion rate.

How to Improve your Ranking in the Google Local Results 9

How the mobile website version should look like

To find out whether your website is mobile friendly, you may use this pretty Google tool called Mobile-Friendly Test.

All these factors are crucial for a company of any specification. After considering these aspects you may be sure you will improve your ranking in Google local results in your location. Just apply all of them to your store and that’s it.


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