Infographic: How to Boost Ecommerce Revenue Through Upselling and Cross Selling

To anyone who’s exclusively done business online, I cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to sell to humans, face-to-face.

First of all, in person, you can learn what people are really looking for — and you can make suggestions accordingly. Instead of sifting through data, conducting endless customer surveys, and “guessing,” running a brick-and-mortar shop is a non-stop customer survey experience.

The beauty comes when your business operates both online and offline. Your learnings from upselling and cross-selling in person can turn your online business from nice supplemental income to your bread-and-butter!

Check out this infographic from Quicksprout to learn more:

how to boost ecommerce revenue through upselling and cross selling

A Little Tip

If you ever have inventory that won’t sell, sometimes it’s helpful to bundle it with other merchandise.

Bundling products into “grab bags,” or low-priced bulk bargains is a good way to build your customer list, without wasting the time returning items to distributors or manufacturers. As we all know, there is a cost to spending time repacking and sending items back.

Even if you’re not going to make a profit off the bundle, the value of gaining new customers will become profitable on future orders.

Infographic by Quicksprout

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