Know How Uptowork Brought in Visitor’s Trust and Reduced The Cart Abandonment Rate

Regardless of what product or service you are offering, the above quote stands true for all ecommerce players. Trust plays a key role to increase the conversion rate on your checkout page, getting more revenue and more customers from your existing traffic base. And that happens when your visitors trust your brand. Trust plays a very significant role at every step of a user journey. If your target audience doesn’t trust your brand, they might not visit your website. And even if they land on your website, they might not purchase from you.

What happens when visitors don’t trust you?

  • Low conversion rate
  • High cart abandonment rate 
  • High bounce rate

“In eCommerce, everything hinges on trust. If they don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you.”

Jeremy Smith

So how do you earn the trust of your visitors and motivate them to buy your product?

Building trust is a long-term process, and it doesn’t happen overnight. However, there are some actionable tips that can be given a shot. Some time ago, we created this exhaustive list of tips for eCommerce brands. Among these, adding a trust seal on the checkout page to convince potential customers that the process is safe and secure can be a great option.A survey conducted by Matthew Niederberger on Actual Insights found that “61% of participants said they have at one time NOT completed a purchase because there were no trust logos present.”

What Is a Trust Seal/Trust Badge?

A trust seal, sometimes called a secure site seal, is something you’re likely already familiar with if you’ve ever noticed small badges displayed on a website, particularly on store or payment pages.

Our client, Uptowork, experienced a great deal of results by earning visitors’ trust by following the same approach. Let’s see how they did it.

Background: The Company

Uptowork is a a career site and online resume building platform. The platform is easy to use, fast, and professional. Uptowork targets all types of job aspirants, especially especially those, who struggle with building their resume in traditional text editors. You can always refer to their blog for some quick tips for your resume. Most of the traffic coming to Uptowork website is organic and through AdWords.

Investigating and Identifying the Issue

Although organic medium was paying off well for them by getting substantial traffic, they wanted to improve the percentage of visitors making a purchase and converting into customers besides the surprisingly high cart abandonment rate.

Reduce cart abandonment rate with VWO

When they analyzed their visitor journey, they noticed that a lot of visitors are checking out the product and adding it to their carts, but not making the final purchase. This resulted in a high cart abandonment rate and low conversion rate.

Earlier Approach

The Uptowork team tried making a couple of changes on the website and closely analyzed the GA data to see if it worked.  

  • They made some changes, but GA and other tools were not capable enough to give them all the answers.
  • They also did not A/B test them, so there was no direct comparison that could be made.

All this made them doubt the data they had.

Finding the Gap

The Uptowork team understood that there was a huge gap between what the brand wanted to convey and what the visitors perceived. They understood that the one thing lacking was visitor trust on the website.

Keeping an Objective in Mind

With the objective of filling this trust gap and reducing the cart abandonment rate, the team began its research. While doing the research, it came across this article on the VWO blog<, which includes actionable tips to build trust again for an eCommerce website.

Key Idea

The key idea was to completely redesign the cart page and add a McAfee trust badge on their cart page to convey a sense of security to its visitors.


“We added a McAfee badge to our cart with the assumption that it will reduce the percentage of people leaving the cart. And it did “

Bases on their research they came up with hypothesis of adding a McAfee badge to gain visitor’s trust. They hoped that adding a McAfee badge will ensure a secure payment gateway for visitors and uplift the brand image. And thus, reduce the cart abandonment rate and increase conversion rate.

“While we were hoping for the badge to work, we had our doubts about how such a small change will make any impact”

Implementing and Testing

Almost a month-long test was ran for their entire user base with the help of  VWO AB testing capability.


Reduce cart abandonment rate with VWO


Reduce cart abandonment rate with VWO


The results of this test perfectly aligned with its hypothesis. Adding the McAfee seal reduced its abandoned cart rate and increased the conversion rate by 1.27 %.


“We were almost sure that such a small badge wouldn’t have any impact on our bottom line. If it wasn’t for the test we would just remove it and wonder what happened to our sales. VWO made it really easy to prepare the test and track the results.”

Rafał Romański

The team believed that visitors recognize this badge from other places, and it builds a sense of security.

“We aren’t a huge brand (yet!) and trust is still something we have to take care about. Using visual cues like that can bring that little extra reassurance we need.”

Rafał Romański

Final Thoughts

“We use VWO to test any visual or content changes that might impact our bottom line. It turns lengthy discussions about what should we do into easy to setup tests that bring results to the table, not opinions. I think this has been the biggest value we got out of using VWO (along with the hundreds of dollars we managed to save on mistakes we would’ve made without it!).”

Rafał Romański

When a small change inspired from a blogpost showed such impact on the conversion rate, you can just imagine the impact of a planned conversion rate optimization for eCommerce.

“Trust comes from delivering everyday on what you promised as a manager, an employee and a company.”

Robert Hurley

The Wall Street Journal

Do you need some tips to optimize your eCommerce conversion rate? Drop us a line at [email protected], or get in touch with our services team.


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