Many Marketers Are Still Unfamiliar With Mobile (Report)

With the rise of new opportunities for commerce and marketing and more user engagement than ever in the mobile space, mobile-first has been the focus for 2016. Still, some marketers are still struggling. A study from Opera Mediaworks provides some insight into this year’s growth.

According to Opera Mediaworks’ data, application access frequency and use duration are both on the rise. On average, iPhone and Android user access their phones 80 and 76 times per day, respectively–approximately once every 13 minutes. The total amount of time in the top 100 app store apps has also increased from 33.5 minutes in the first quarter of 2016 to 36.9 minutes in the third quarter–a 20.5 percent boost in just six months.

This may seem like a boon, but some marketers are struggling to adapt. Despite huge stores of data, some marketers have trouble personalizing campaigns, and messages still seem to be totally misaligned with consumer desires.

Ryan Griffin, senior vice president of strategy for mobile video advertising platform AdColony, provided some insights to SocialTimes in an email interview:

As consumers spend more time on their devices, we’re receiving more signals, more data points, and over time, that means marketers can become far more probabilistic than they are today. Mobile targeting will improve dramatically, which means marketers can capitalize not just on the boost in quantity, but also quality.

Many marketers are still unfamiliar with the mobile space. However, it’s time for robust strategy and dedicated resources, with a focus on capturing and leveraging data effectively. And when marketers become more comfortable designing for mobile, they’ll see more opportunities and become more adventurous, according to Griffin:

While targeting and attribution are poised to improve, considerable opportunity also exists on the creative side. Marketers that design for the consumer context of the people using these devices, while also leveraging native device capabilities (hardware and software), will be rewarded with outsized results.

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