Nintendo Announces Fire Emblem Heroes for Mobile

Nintendo announced Fire Emblem Heroes for iOS and Android. The strategy role-playing game will challenge players to save the Kingdom of Askr from the Emblian Empire by summoning heroes for their teams from different Fire Emblem worlds.

In Fire Emblem Heroes, players will compete in turn-based battles, and they’ll be able to attack enemies by swiping allies over enemy characters. Each hero will have a color type, and these colors will have strengths and weaknesses when compared to other colors.

As players win battles, they’ll receive special Orbs they can spend to summon new heroes for their teams. Orbs will also be available to purchase in the game’s store.

Elsewhere, players will earn SP, or skill points, as they defeat enemies and level up. Users will be able to spend SP to improve their characters’ active and passive skills.

Outside of the game’s story mode, players will be able to compete in an Training Tower containing “battle scenarios of varying difficulty.” Users will also be able to compete against others in an Arena for a chance to win rewards.

Fire Emblem Heroes will launch for free on iOS and Android Feb. 2. Interested players can pre-register for the game on Google Play.

In addition, users can now vote in a Choose Your Legends event on the game’s website. The event allows users to browse characters from the Fire Emblem franchise and select the ones they’d like to see in Fire Emblem Heroes. After the event, the top-ranked male and female will be added to the game.


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