Notablist: Design Inspiration and Competitive Research for Email Marketers

Notablist: Design Inspiration and Competitive Research for Email MarketersNotablist markets themselves as the Email Newsletter Search Engine, having indexed over 2 million email newsletters across over 250,000 Publishers. Tools like these are fantastic for designers who wish to get inspiration from key brands or digital marketers who wish to see when their competitors are sending and what kind of newsletters and deals are being communicated.

If you’re a small business that doesn’t have the resources to test, these tools can be especially useful since the large publishers apply a lot of effort on getting their emails right!


Notablist has quite a few features and benefits:

  • Advanced Searching & Filtering – Search by subject, sender name, sender email address, body text or even URL. Filter by date, Alexa rank and even color.
  • Keyword Trending Charts – Spot trends with our interactive timeline viewer, then zoom in on important timeframes and specific dates to get a closer look.
  • Daily Digests – Save time and never miss a campaign with daily email digests of new campaigns for your favorite brands.
  • Realtime Updates – Campaigns are available for searching the instant they’re sent, and permanently archived.
  • 24/7 Support – They’re here when you need us, whether it be for a question, bug report or product suggestion.

You can even find our past issues available!

Marketing Newsletter

Best of all, while they’re beta you can sign up for Notablist for free!

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