Oh Snap! A book on how businesses can use Snapchat

"Oh Snap! You Can Use Snapchat for Business" by Kate Talbot.

With every popular social platform, companies often struggle to figure out how to leverage the technology in an effort to drive revenue or brand recognition. Snapchat is no different and just how can campaigns be implemented in a way that gets the message across and is widely accepted by the ephemeral messaging app’s demographic? Oh Snap! is a book written by Kate Talbot which promises to fan away the fog of confusion surrounding Snapchat and offer guidance on how brands can use it in the right way.

“I personally wrote this book because I was one of the first writers on Snapchat for Business from a marketing perspective,” she told VentureBeat. Using the feedback she gained from her first article in 2015, Talbot discerned that there was a need for an educational book for businesses.

If you’re thinking that it’s yet another lengthy novel of someone bloviating about Snapchat, you’ll be surprised to know that Oh Snap! is only 76-pages in length and contains case studies from NPR, Airbnb, Vox Media, Virgin America, Stanford University, and ShopStyle.

“The book is written as digestible as possible,” Talbot explained. “There are lots of infographics, quick answers, photos, illustrations, etc.. I would say that this is a 101 college-level course [on Snapchat]…it’s intended for tips and learnings.”

The fact that this book is succinct perhaps fits with what Snapchat is, mirroring the fact that people have adapted to having short attention spans in consuming content so books don’t need to be lengthy in nature. It’s also geared towards two specific audiences: Recent college graduates who are transitioning into a social media or digital marketing role and those who may not see the appeal of Snapchat.

With newer technology, brands and agencies may wonder that with so much buzz, is it more of a fad or a sure thing to invest time and resources. And if they do jump on the bandwagon, what’s the next logical step because they have to make an immediate impact instead of looking like a newbie?

“The main message [I want people to get] is that Snapchat is not just an app used by millennials to sext, but a marketing channel that can enhance brand messaging and storytelling. The platform’s authenticity lends itself to a spontaneous, direct communication to individuals and your target audience. Many brands are using the platform as a way to showcase behind-the-scenes content, product launches, drive users to booths at trade shows, promote events, highlight influencers, and have real business purpose,” Talbot said.

Some of what she found is that “authentic storytelling is the next wave of content creation that enhances community involvement.”

One of the more straight-forward way for brands to engage users on Snapchat is through ads and then through geo-filters. But if brands are looking for more creative ways to really stand out, how can this be done creatively? Oh Snap! seeks to provide a starting point in how to think about campaigns. Talbot shared that some brands have difficulty in establishing a strong narrative when they create stories. “If you don’t have a story idea down before you execute, it can be un-engaging. Remember, you have an audience that wants to interact with your content. Just don’t take a selfie of yourself talking to the camera — be engaging and showcase what you normally wouldn’t on other social platforms,” she advised.

Make no mistake, this is a 101 college level course material, so if you’re already doing something on Snapchat, then this might not be for you. But it’s a good book to understand the beginning on how companies can establish a presence on the messaging app.

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