Process Management Application for a world’s leading lighting manufacturer

A Process Management Application for the Engineering Department of a world’s leading lighting manufacturer based in Singapore


The Scenario

The Engineering Department of a world’s leading lighting manufacturer based in Singapore is responsible for designing and building electronic circuits for different types of lights. The 200-member department receives the requests for design from various other departments like Sales/Marketing, R&D, Production, etc., almost on a daily basis, which has to be carried out by various teams who either specialize in a particular technology like ‘Saber’ or a process like ‘Finishing’. They required a Process Management Application to handle the requests and to ensure smoother operations.

The Challenge

The automated Process Management Application, which is to be built, has to consider several factors.

  • Once a project request is generated, the project managers have to check the availability of the team members and anticipate the timeline.
  • The priorities of the projects are subject to change and the team must suitably alter the daily tasks based on the change.
  • About 30-40% of requests may require non-standard tasks as it may involve R&D.
  • There may be many requests that need to be handled by multiple teams within the prescribed timeline.


The Solution

As a technology provider, Pixel Studios came up with a highly interactive Process Management Application that streamlines the process for the Engineering Department.

  • Standard features like an interactive dashboard, the time log entries, reminders via notifications & email and the status/milestone management are included in the application.
  • Few of the Special features included are:
    • Categorizing the projects under tags like ‘Continuous Improvement’, ‘Cost Down’, ‘Customer Incident’, ‘Productivity’ and ‘Yield Improvement’ portrays the purpose of such requests. This feature helps the project manager to assign members based on the required skill set.
    • Options to extract critical reports to track the efficiency and performance of individual employees
    • Projects can be assigned new priority with different colored tags based on the daily requirements. The tasks associated with those projects will be assumed high priority, ensuring effective delivery based on priority.
    • Remarks/Comments section under every project helping the engineers to communicate constantly, thus avoiding face-to-face meetings every time.
    • The user-friendly interface with color coding and graphical representations makes the navigation faster to get many things done on fewer screens.


The Result

With this need-driven Process Management Application, customized to the workflow, the operation of the Engineering Department was smoothened, as the clogs in the pipeline were removed. Every team member knew what to do, when to do and what is happening, which ensured high productivity while at the same time created an agile work environment to tackle the continuous change in requests.


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