Raven Tools: Research, Monitor, Manage & Report

Raven Tools: Research, Monitor, Manage & Report

Raven Tools has grown up, though, providing comprehensive marketing reports that provide insight into your brands organic search, paid search, social, and even video performance – combining data from all of your accounts into a single interface where your competition can be viewed as well.

The list of features within this $99 package is a bit overwhelming but incredibly comprehensive:

  • SEO Tools -Keyword and website research, Site Auditor, Onsite technical SEO analysis, Keyword Rankings, Ranking reports with Google and Bing data, Site Performance, Website and competitive analysis, Link Manager, Link management and monitoring, Site Finder, Keyword-based link research, Backlink Explorer, Website and page quality research, Chrome Toolbar, Link building as you browse, Keyword Manager, Keyword tracking and storage, Competitor Manager, Competitor tracking and storage, CRM for SEO, Contact relationship management, GoogleAnalytics for SEO, Traffic, engagement, and conversions data, Google Webmaster Tools for SEO, Keyword data, including average position, Google AdWords for SEO, and Keyword volume data.
  • Social Media Tools – Social Stream, Broad social media management, Social Monitor, Broad or focused brand monitoring, Facebook, Focused Facebook Page/profile management, Twitter, Focused Twitter account management, YouTube, Focused YouTube channel monitoring, Persona Manager, Social account login storage, Chrome Toolbar, Social sharing as you browse, CRM for social media, Influencer relationship management, Research Central, Website social research, Site Performance, Competitive website social research, Google Analytics for social, Traffic, engagement and conversions data.
  • Content Tools – Research Central, Content ideas research, Site Auditor, Technical analysis of website content, Site Finder, Website analysis based on keywords, Content Manager, Content management hub, Blog Manager, WordPress integration management, Link Manager, Onsite and offsite link management, PR Newswire, Press release distribution, Textbroker, Copywriting services, Scribe, Content SEO analysis, Readability, Reading-level analyses, Chrome Toolbar, Content sharing as you browse, CRM for content, Contact management, Google Analytics for content, and Traffic, engagement and conversions data.
  • PPC Management – Research Central, PPC keyword research, Keyword Manager, Keyword tracking and storage, Competitor Manager, Competitor tracking and storage, Google AdWords for PPC, AdWords campaign management, Google AdWords Insights and AdWords campaign troubleshooting.

Start a free trial today (we’re an affiliate!) or Download the 28 SEO Metrics you can report and sell to clients white paper and Download the 30 Social Media metrics that prove real value whitepaper to help you get started with identifying metrics for your online marketing strategies.

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