School Information Management (SIM) Software for a Leading Higher Secondary School

Developing and implementing School Information Management Software (SIM) for a leading higher secondary school in Pondicherry.

Pixel Studios helped a leading higher secondary school in Pondicherry, to build their School Information Management Software. It helps in managing the information of their 9000 plus students thus cutting down the troublesome task of managing it manually by their staff in turn saving a lot of resources, ultimately time.


The Challenge

The School approached us seeking a solution for their challenge of maintaining a data for more than 9000 students on paper which involves huge manual entries for all students activities in the academic year, fees billing & accounting, calculation of attendance, report generation of students performance in exams etc,.

For doing so, a large number of files and folders have to be maintained to keep track of the records and a large involvement of staff is required to prepare reports. Even the data extraction process also requires a lot of time and effort from them as the entire process is manual.


The Solution

To address this challenge, our team of experts analyzed the school process and their day to day activities and came up with an action plan to develop and implement School Information Management software. We planned to construct this in a way to address their ever existing burden of managing the various forms of record manually.

We prepared a wire-frame of the entire School ERP as a first cut for the management to understand and then continued further with a simple yet logical database structuring for the SIM software. On the click of a button, it can generate a range of reports like students performance for an academic year, fee payments, attendance tracking, etc.

This School Information Management software was created using .Net framework with JQuery enabled & SQL server to make the application lightweight. The software uses precompiled stored procedures for fetching & bulk updating of the data.


The Results

This technology solution enabled the school to become well equipped to capture and store student information in an effective manner with efficient use of resources and time. Now it is possible to manage information of more than 9000 students and staff with ease as well as track the service history and academic activities of the staff. The entire process of fees/billing has been simplified with the use of technology and it is possible to generate the performance chart for the entire class at a time, in a single click.

Instant individual and bulk SMS has enabled quick notification to student and parents as well as passing on the current circulars and announcements to the staff. The software users can be allocated with secured credentials with assigned roles for various departments to carry out their tasks. The HTML and RDLC reporting structure caters in disseminating the information in various modes as well as the use of latest technologies like barcode generation for student’s data for easy scanning and billing.

Thus, SIM simplified all the academic processes right from a student’s admission till the transfer certificate generation, including day to day activities. Now, new records can be created, edited, and accessed within a few clicks!


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