SpaceX is launching a ‘three-eyed Raven’ on the back of a Dragon this weekend

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On Saturday, SpaceX is launching a key piece of NASA technology that could one day allow satellites to repair other spacecraft already in orbit. It’s called the Raven, and it’s a module that’s going to test out a novel type of navigation system for space.

Because the module has three optical instruments, the engineers behind it have started calling it the “three-eyed Raven” — a nod to the psychic character beyond the Wall in the television show Game of Thrones. The reference is extra special given how the Raven is getting to space — on the back of a cargo capsule that’s launching on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. “The SpaceX capsule that is going to carry us is the Dragon,” Benjamin Reed, the deputy project manager for NASA’s Satellite…

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