The Top 15 Email Marketing Myths You Need to Know

The Top 15 Email Marketing Myths You Need to KnowLast year, we shared an amazing infographic that provided 7 email marketing myths. In my opinion, email continues to be one of the most undervalued, underused and abused communication methods that the average marketer has at their disposal.

This time around, Email Monks has has shortlisted top 15 prominent email marketing myths and debunked them with logical rationales in our “Email Marketing Myth Busting” Infographic. The infographic throws light on the truths behind these myths based on email marketing subjects such as email content, email design, email delivery, email testing, email lists, etc.

We’re huge fans of the email monks service and have utilized them to convert several clients over to more beautiful, responsive email templates. They’re professional, they’re cost effective, and they fully test your template in Litmus – even sending you the results.


  1. Myth: Generation Y uses smart gadgets and tablets the most.
  2. Myth: Sending a first time or repeat customer the same email doesn’t matter.
  3. Myth: Everyone who has opted in and stayed are loyal readers.
  4. Myth: Eliminating bad/invalid email addresses equals list cleaning.
  5. Myth: A subject line is the golden key to the success of an email marketing campaign.
  6. Myth: Shorter subject lines result in greater email effectiveness.
  7. Myth: Informative content is the only gold to keep your readers interested and buying!
  8. Myth: Images are more preferable to text!!
  9. Myth: Higher the email frequency, higher the unsubscribe every time!
  10. Myth: You just cannot send the same email twice!
  11. Myth: Emails sent on Mondays/Tuesdays are the most successful!
  12. Myth: Morning is the best time to send your marketing emails!
  13. Myth: Testing a small percentage of a list is enough to show the effectiveness of a message!
  14. Myth: My emails are fully CAN-SPAM compliant, so my emails should reach the inbox!
  15. Myth: Inbox placement and low complaint rates means no chances of being marked spam!

I love that deliverability aspect of this infographic because, in my opinion, it’s the most misunderstood (and egregiously misrepresented) term used by email service providers. Deliverability simply means the servers are sending the message appropriately, but it never means that your emails are actually making it into the inbox. It’s why we utilize our sponsors at 250ok to measure and consult with us on inbox placement.


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