You Can Run But You Can’t Hide from the Importance of Data in Modern Marketing

Marketing equals data and data equals marketing. These two things go hand in hand as marketing technology becomes a bigger driver in marketing itself. So it is no surprise that when we asked global marketing experts about marketing in 2017, many of them came back with predictions about data-driven marketing.

And whether that is specifically related to connecting the right data across disparate tools, collecting the right data, focusing on the right data, or even just paying attention to measuring anything at all, data will be a bigger part of what all marketing looks now and in the future.

The thing that will make the most impact on modern marketing in 2017 will be data integration. Unifying the ridiculously fragmented marketing stack is the biggest challenge facing almost every sales and marketing team today. Every silo – whether it's a channel silo or a marketing app silo or an internal organizational silo – both consumes and generates data. Until we can link them up around some common dimensions (like customer IDs), we can't realize the big promise of insanely great marketing experiences across all channels. – Doug Kessler (@dougkessler), Co-founder and Creative Director, Velocity         

Surprising enough, 70% of companies are said to still not be collecting data from social media channels. If this is true, the potential for data-driven marketing to have a huge impact in Modern Marketing in 2017 is clear. From content marketing and social advertising optimization to ideas for developing new products, social media marketing will become a more data-driven exercise. 2017 should become a turning point year as social networks and tools that tap into their data-rich APIs offer marketers more data than ever to help them optimize a wide range of marketing functions. – Neal Schaffer (@nealschaffer) CEO, Maximize Your Social

The only definite way to make a larger impact in 2017 is to focus on the most important metrics for your job and ignore all the shiny objects. 80% of CEOs are not impressed by the work done by marketers and believe marketers are poor business performers. Is Snapchat or more video going to fix that? Maybe… but, if your goal is to drive qualified sales leads, then you better drive qualified sales leads in 2017. – Chris Moody (@cnmoody) Content Marketing Leader, GE Digital 

I believe the biggest impact for modern marketing will be the skills development of B2B marketers to handle the challenges presented to a modern marketer.  Forrester reports that 96% of CMOs say they are being asked to do things they never had to do before, while according to ANNUITAS, only 8% of B2B marketers say they are very effective.  If you want impact, enable and equip your people to make it. – Carlos Hidalgo (@cahidalgo) CEO, ANNUITAS

Read what other global marketing experts think about 2017 by downloading the Future of Modern Marketing: 2017.


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