Your Email Marketing Efforts Don’t Matter if You’re Not Mobile Optimized

Your Email Marketing Efforts Don’t Matter if You’re Not Mobile OptimizedAs we were looking to improve our engagement, the very first thing we did was implement responsive email templates using our platform, CircuPress, to distribute the content (Subscribe daily or weekly). The change in statistics were nothing short of stunning. We send our weekly email out to over 70,000 subscribers on Monday and our analytics shows us that that’s the spike in our traffic beyond any other medium or promotion.

It did not happen until our emails were optimized for mobile viewing, though! A clean, single-column layout with easy to click large buttons and links made all the difference in pushing people from the email back to the articles. Now we’re working on a total redesign of the blog so that it provides a beautiful, responsive experience via desktop, mobile or tablet.

Like it or not, using mobile devices has become second nature to us. The world is well and truly mobile. Consumers are behaving differently on smartphones and tablets, which offer different functionalities and capabilities, and for many businesses this means they could easily start to see some of their customers walk away if their mobile marketing is not up to scratch. Having a viable mobile strategy in place is essential to keeping customers coming back. Ciaran Carlisle, DisplayBlock

The statistics are nothing short of incredible for mobile… if your email or your site isn’t a good user experience on a mobile device, you’re throwing a ton of your marketing investment away. Here are 3 statistics for you:

  • Mobile email opens have grown 180% in just three years from 15% to 42%!
  • A whopping 68% of Gmail and Yahoo! opens occur on a smartphone or tablet.
  • 75% of emails viewed on mobile devices are likely to be deleted if not mobile optimized.


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